Laugh of loud funny, Pip seems to take things very literally (gum/peanut butter incident made me laugh for a few minutes) but doesn’t seem to have much common sense not that most kids his age do.  Doesn’t matter what Pip does he’s getting himself in trouble but I love how he still would rather be himself than anybody else. Except for wanting to change his name he likes being himself, I remember wanting to change my name when I was that age as well, I guess most kids do.  I can actually picture him doing each act and everyone screaming PIP in the background.
I love that this book talked about the real life things that happen in school (bullying, cheating, lying, stealing, tattleing, know it all’s and con men) makes me think back to my childhood and remember the same type of scenrios.  Unfortunatley, this type of behaviour continues on after school is over and overflows into the workplace.  I think this book sends a great message of what you should an shouldn’t do and how to deal with these types of situations, a must read for school age kids. This book its very relatable and such an easy read, page turner for sure.
What a pleasure to read, I really enjoyed it and look forward to more titles from Donna L. Peterson, Author.
You can find more information on The Misadventures of PIP at their Facebook Fan Page – Goodreads page – Poster page.

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