Brighten A Boring Room With Modern Accent Lighting
For more than 20 years my decorating style was rustic country with many antiques and flea market finds. I could not pass up a local craft show and always found something to bring home. I was really into things like painted saw blades, handmade dolls and unusual jugs, glasses and nick knacks   I loved toile, gingham and floral prints, which were on the furniture, curtains, pillows, bedding and table clothes. A friend of mine, when asked to describe my decorating style said “It looks like Holly Hobby threw up in her house”.  Well, when we decided to buy new furniture, we decided that a complete change was well overdue. We went for all neutral tones, subdued patterns and very little in the way of accessories. My husband said we went from one extreme to another and he felt something was missing. By looking at our new living room with a critical eye, we realized it lacked personality.  Instead of going crazy like I had years before, we decided to add one piece at a time that we both liked.  The first area we noticed was lacking was any good lighting as we only had one table lamp in the entire room.  We decided to focus on finding something unusual that would compliment our taste without going into the too quirky category.

 Accent Lighting

Because we have a rectangular room that is not all that big, we needed to find lighting that was going to illuminate as well as decorate the room.  I had an idea of what I wanted, but I just could not find it. I wanted modern accent lighting that would add personality to a room that sorely lacked it.  I was attracted to the sleek modern designs of the furniture and accessories from Viesso, a fresh and exciting company based in California. Back in 2005, two brothers, Travis and Ryan and their friend Alex, were struck at how a lot of furniture looked like it was made on an assembly line. They were determined to put out a line of products that had personality that reflected their customers taste.  Focusing on modern technology and design, the trio now sell theirs and others wares online and in their showroom and are available to offer guidance on design. When I was emailing with Travis, he offered a handful of suggestions for me and when I saw the Edison Lamp, I knew I had to have it. This unusual table lamp has one foot in the past and one foot in the future.  The large filament bulb is reminiscent of a time a hundred years past and the soft 15 watt glow is perfect for our needs.  We have the Edison Lamp on our lower storage bench near the window and it adds the exact uniqueness to the room we wanted.  I have had so many compliments on the lamp and even had one friend tell me she would steal it if she could!  You can purchase the Edison Lamp online or in their showroom for $110.

One reader will win the Edison Lamp ($110.00).


  1. There is way too many nice things to pick just one. It would be really nice to have the Vain Sheepskin Patchwork Rug. Would fit in nicely with our rustic home.

  2. I like the sparrow glider. Its super cute and looks uber comfy to sit in, rocking a fussy baby.

  3. Viesso accessories
    and the Edison lamp.
    I just visited the Edison Museum in N.J. a few weeks ago with my family. Fascinating.
    A truly gifted man who was committed to making and marketing. Really besides P.T.
    Barnum one of our first marketing geniuses who self-branded before technology. He
    was making the technology. Did you know the first Yankee Stadium was made from
    Edison concrete and why N.J. is known so well for making concrete.

  4. I looked through the different furniture and accent pieces and honestly the Edison lamp is my favorite product. It would go well in our antique themes office.

  5. I really like the Strata Sectionals! But it was a hard decision with so many awesome products!

  6. believe it or not, as much as I like all the cool items like the honeymoon canopy… my FAVE would be the Filament Light bulbs!!! LOVE the old/antique look…

  7. My favorite is what you are giving away! lol The Edison Lamp! Love it, plus I live near the Thomas Edison summer home down here in Fort Myers! Love it, so cool!

  8. Love the Urbio Wall Garden/Planter, oh and the Nina Coffee Table and and and, I’m no stranger to Viesso
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  9. Wow they have some pretty stuff I like the Edison Lamp and the Annex End table is very pretty,

  10. Edison Lamp. My wife is from New Jersey and we visited the Edison Factory in West Orange several times. It is a neat place to take you kids especially if you are homeschooling family. You can see Edison’s office where he worked. And even watch the first movie that he made.

  11. I like the Geneva sound system/model S as my other pick besides the beautiful Edison Lamp.I want this sooooo bad.I could use this when we go camping.Thank you.

  12. Honestly, I looked around and I love the edison light. I think my husband would go ga-ga over that. Such antique look. Second favorite, urban wall garden.

  13. My favorite product is a light that works when we loose power due to a storm. It happens often here and we need some kind of light that does not mean candles which sometmes can be dangerous.

  14. My favorite product is the Strata 60″ Chair that you can customize. It looks soooooooo comfy!!

  15. Of course I would choose one of the most expesenive products – the Outdoor Fireplaces are amazing! Oh, and I really like the Edison Lamp. It would fit so nicely in with my antiques!

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