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Breakfast Is An Important Meal Of The Day With Medifast

Breakfast Is An Important Meal Of The Day With Medifast

We have all heard that breakfast is an important   meal of the day and it is so true.  If you don’t start out your day with a good breakfast, you are setting yourself up for a long and sluggish day.  When I would skip breakfast, I was so hungry by lunch that I ate way more than I should have.  It was just an ugly cycle that you didn’t want to be caught up in.  When I opened my box of goodies from Medifast, I must admit I was very skeptical when I read over the instructions for the eggs.  They are powdered you guys!  All I could think of was the astronauts from NASA that go to space with their powdered food, which included a complete Thanksgiving meal.  I was really hesitant to try them but what the heck, right?  To make the eggs, you empty the powder into a bowl and add ½ cup of water.  You mix it and put it in the microwave for one minute.  When you take the eggs out and look at them, they look like a bowl of water that is trying so hard to be eggs!  So you cover them and cook for another 30 seconds and they are supposed to be done.  If you have a microwave that you can see into, watching those eggs cook is like a magic trick. On the second cooking cycle, they start to poof up and the top of the container slowly rises with the eggs.  It’s like the great levitating egg trick!!  Well, they looked like eggs, but what were they going to taste like?  Wow!!  They are so delicious!  I could not believe it.  These are so yummy and the fluff up so the portion is much larger than you would expect.  If I eat my eggs in the morning, I am full until my next meal.  You can keep up with what’s new with Medifast by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

Tune in next week for making water tasty.


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