Brighten A Room With Carpet Tiles

Brighten A Room With Carpet Tiles

Have you heard that you can brighten a room with carpet tiles?  I honestly did not know you could buy carpet tiles.  I knew about foam puzzle pieces that people use in a play room but that isn’t what I am talking about.  You can change the look of a room in your home by putting down carpet tiles.  I was a bit worried about looking into carpet tiles as I was afraid they would require gluing them down, which I did not want to do.  The other fear I had was that the carpet tiles were going to look like the ugly indoor/outdoor carpet you put on balconies or porches.  I decided I would really research this new realm and find out what my options were as far as carpet tiles were concerned.

Close-UpFLOR is the coolest place EVER for your carpet tile needs.  To be honest, the carpet tiles from FLOR are so well made that once they are paid out together, it looks like you have room to room carpet or a nice area rug.  The FLOR company has designed carpet squares that are connected with their innovated FLORdot squares.  Not only do the carpet squares look and feel like a beautiful rug, you can lay as many or as few as you like.  When you purchase your carpet tiles from FLOR, you can buy 1 or 1,000 and if you are not the handy type, they can even cut your tiles if you need them to.  What rounds out the experience that you will get from FLOR is their team of design consultants who are available to answer questions and help guide you through your selection and design process.  These folks know the best choices for your sunroom, living room or playroom because each room has different needs based on traffic, use and several other components.  To learn more about FLOR and their products you can like them on Facebook or pin them on Pinterest.

Easy To Use Carpet Squares

Easy To Use Carpet Squares

If I was going to use carpet squares in my house, I needed them to be easy to use carpet squares!  I am not the handiest around the house, so I need something pretty idiot proof.  Well, lucky for me the FLOR carpet squares are so easy to put together, even I can do it!!  I was generously given 12 of the Feelin Groovy FLOR carpet tiles ($12.00 per tile) in Clementine to review (total value of review $144.00) and I could not be happier!  First of all, the carpet on the tiles is a nice, tightly woven texture that looks and feels amazing on your piggies.  The tiles come with the FLORdots which are these super cool adhesive squares that have lines on them so you can make sure you are lining each carpet tile perfectly.  These things don’t look like they can hold a carpet together, but they are sticker little guys!!  Henry tries to pull two squares apart after we applied the FLORdots and they didn’t budge.  We were able to lay out the tiles in the playroom in less than 10 minutes and we had enough left to put a runner in front of the sink in the kitchen.  If you have kids, you know how dirty your carpet can get.  Well, with the carpet tiles from FLOR you have two really great options for stains.  First of all, these tiles are easy to clean and if you get a stain you just can’t get out, you can just get one square from FLOR!  That is so awesome that I do still not fully comprehend its coolness level.

Easy To Use Carpet SquaresI wanted to mention one very important aspect of the FLOR Company and believe me; it is last but not least important!  Every carpet tile from floor is made largely of recycled and reused and materials.  This way you know you are doing your part in keeping the planet safe and healthy with your FLOR purchase.  The most amazing thing I have literally ever heard a company do is they will recycle and reuse your old FLOR tiles!  They will even send you the postage to mail your FLOR squares to them!  Each square goes through a process that is pretty detailed.  In short, they expertly remove the fibers which are then sent to be reconstituted into newly recycled nylon fibers.  Once the fibers are taken off, the backing that is left is broken down and melted and made into new backing.  I realize this may not seem like a big deal to some, but it really is huge.  FLOR could take the easy way out like other companies and just tell you to throw away your old tiles. Instead, they take the time and expense to reuse those materials so the carbon footprint is hardly traceable here.

Brighten A Room With Carpet TilesOne reader will receive 30 (yes, I said 30) FLOR carpet tiles (ranging in price from $12-$30 per tile) in their choice of pattern and color as well as a free consultation with one of the FLOR expert design consultants to assist you in choosing the FLOR product that works best for you. The total of this prize is valued from $360-$900.  Woowie!!

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