Having the right stroller can make shopping trips, vacations, and just every day life much easier! When I first got pregnant, I visited a sorts of baby stores and tried stroller after stroller; not knowing what I would need and what would be the perfect stroller. Now as a mom of two, I know what the perfect stroller entails. It needs to be lightweight, fold up easy, not take a lot of trunk space up, and convert from a infant stroller to toddler/child stroller. Britax has created the perfect single stroller. The Britax B-AGILE stroller is the best stroller on the market and a must have for new and expecting parents.

I was given the opportunity to review the Britax B-AGILE stroller. I was very impressed at how easy it was to assemble. I’m confident, I would have even been able to do it pregnant. The wheels and canopy popped into place. I opened the stroller up and was ready to go. The B-AGILE stroller is a very comfortable stroller for children! The stroller has a padded back/ head pad made with reflective binding. So, my daughter has no problem snuggling up in this stroller. The swivel front wheel and how lightweight the stroller is makes pushing my daughter a breeze. The three-wheel suspension also provides her with a nice soft ride.

I feel confident with the Britax B-AGILE when it comes to safety. The 5-point harness securely holds my child in. The B-AGILE has brake locks on both rear wheels and a canopy that has a ventilation window. Extra ventilation is very nice way to ensure that the baby stays cool especially in a hot climate like Florida.

As a mom on the go, I know how important it is to have the right storage features and easy fold-up for quick trips. The B-AGILE stroller has a good-sized basket on the bottom of the stroller as well as a hanging storage zipper-pocket on the back of the stroller. The B-AGILE stroller folds up easily and stores just as nice. With one hand, I was able to fold up the stroller and place it in my trunk.  The aluminum frame only weighs 16.5 pds. The size of the stroller takes up a small amount of space in my trunk and leave me lots of room for groceries, packages, and other things life on the go may need, and any mom knows trunk space is important.

To purchase the “must have” stroller of the year, the red or black  Britax B-AGILE retails around $249.99 By visiting the Britax website, you can search for a local retailer. Do you have a infant or a infant on the way? The Britax B-AGILE is compatible with the Britax B-Safe and Chaperone car seats. It also works with other major infant car seat brands with the Britax infant car seat adapter sold separately.

I love Britax! Both of my daughter’s have a Britax Roundabout car seat and I rant and rave about this car seat to everyone. l now have another Britax product to recommend to friends! You can win this B-AGILE Stroller Nov 4 at Win Your Gifts

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