Bubblegirl Knits etsy shop is a sponsor for Christmas in July, “Smile for Photography” and let me tell you, her shop makes me smile. Bubblegirl Knits sent me a textured pod cocoon photo prop in olive-green for Christmas in July. This cocoon is so adorable and perfectly made. It is an awesome photo prop and I’m super excited to use it in the studio.

The textured pod cocoon photo prop is a very soft cocoon sure to keep any newborn nestled and comfy during photo shoots. It is made with 100% acrylic yarn, which is gentle and soft yarn. This yarn also is stretchy, allowing to easily put baby in without disturbing him to much. The pod is made by crocheting two strands of yarn together making the cocoon extra chunky and extra cute! It can be washed and laid flat to dry which is an extra bonus when putting a naked little baby in. The textured pod cocoon not only comes in olive-green but can be made in white, pink, chocolate-brown, light grey, and beige. This pod is very reasonable priced at $25. It would look even cuter paired with a crocheted head band or hat made by Bubblegirl knits, ranging in price from $9-$28.

Bubblegirl Knits has photographer packages, which I thought was really cool. The package may include a diaper cover with matching hat, newborn slip and pod cocoon, giving the photographer (or gift buyer) color options. These packages range from $80-$95. It doesn’t get much better then that!

Bubblegirl Knits has so many great items! Beside the items I have already told you about, I was in love with booties! Bubblegirl knits makes little mary jane booties (matching hats sold separate) that are beyond adorable! They can be used for photo props or just dressing your little one up super cute. The little booties made for boys were adorable as well. They are made in the style of little loafers and come in a variety of colors. These booties range in price $15-$18. Bubblegirls Knits is a great knit shop to check out!

Bubblegirl Knits is a sponsor of the Christmas in July Event on July 25-31. Make sure you Like them on Facebook, Twitter,  and check out their website: Bubblegirl Knits to win a $50 gift certificate as part of the final package!

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