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Buddy Fruit Bites

On a average grocery trip, I always start my shopping in the produce section where our local grocer keeps Buddy Fruit Pure Blended Fruit. I grab one for each of my girls, as my bribery to have them stay quiet and seated while I do my shopping. My girls LOVE Buddy Fruit Pure Blended Fruit!! It’s a healthy “treat”. Any “treat” that is 100% pure blended fruit is a great snack that I can feel comfortable about serving to my children. This past June, Buddy Fruits announced it’s line of 100% pure fruit bites. I was excited when Buddy Fruits sent me a few to review! I was sent the flavors: Apple, Orange, Raspberry, and Pomegranate/Acai Pure Fruit Bites. My girls were more then excited to be the product “tester” for buddy fruits. I’m not a fruit snack kind of gal but I tried each flavor as well and let me tell you, it was no regular fruit snack. It was delicious!! My girls and I LOVED them. They were so disappointed when they were gone, but I assured them I would buy some next time we were out. I then looked at the Buddy Fruits online website and found many local grocery stores in my area carry them.

Buddy Fruit Bites are made with 100% fruit, no artificial flavorings or colors, no preservatives, no genetic modifications, no added sugar, dairy free and ONE serving of fruit. It doesn’t get much better? Oh wait it does, there are only 95 calories in each pouch of fruit bites and each pouch is resealable! This is the perfect snack for on the go family’s! Bring it on road trips and take it to sporting events. My daughter is always hungary after dance class so this is the perfect snack and it sealed properly so I can stick it in my purse. Right now, Buddy Fruits is offering a $1 off coupon for “liking” them on facebook and following them on twitter.
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