I was approached by  Leonhard Widrich, the creator of Buffer, about his new application, of course, I jumped at the chance to utilize a new tool in my Chrome Armory. Then, when he offered to write a blog post about it, I was overjoyed. Now, my readers can also share in being one of the first people to try Buffer!

How To Share Tweets When Others Read Them

by Leonhard Widrich

One of the biggest problems I have always had was to read news at times, when I couldn’t actually share them. This means that at 5 a.m. in the morning it didn’t make any sense for me to send out Tweets. They would have just gone to waste.  This is where Buffer helps me greatly to bring the reading and sharing news in harmony.

How does Buffer work?

Instead of Tweeting at these crazy times, I can just add Tweets into my Buffer. The App will then post these Tweets well spaced out over the day. The great part is that you can add these Tweets from anywhere on the web with a handy Chrome, Firefox or Safari extension.


Buffer your Retweets

You can even go to Twitter.com and Buffer retweets right from there. I love to use this feature to keep in touch with more of the people I follow, without flooding my stream with too many Tweets in a short time.


If you click on the Buffer icon, the same Buffer box will appear as with the browser extension and you can add it to your Buffer.


Share directly from your Google Reader

Most of my reading is happening in Google Reader. It helps me a great deal to simply hit the icon of the Chrome extension when I am reading an article there. Buffer automatically takes the URL and title and I can add it to my Buffer.


How can Buffer help me?

What I think helped me a lot with Buffer is to start Tweeting more regularly. As sharing from anywhere on the web is so simple I can give it one click and add it from wherever I am. As I can do this whenever I want, I feel I put more great content out to my followers and don’t put Tweets to waste.

Each of your Tweets is tracked

As a final point, what comes in very handy with Buffer is that for each Tweet sent via the App you will get stats. Give it one click on “analytics” and you are displayed the number of clicks, retweets and reach of all tweets.


What are your thoughts on Buffer? Do you think it could help you make your sharing more intuitive and easier too?

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