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I am not sure who was looking forward to school being out more, my kids or my husband and I. This was a particularly difficult school year as it was Caitlin’s freshman year in high school. It was a huge adjustment for her as well as for my husband and I. It was a lot of work, stress and juggling and I am thankful to have a bit of a break from it. Because kids can lose almost 2 months of learning over the summer, I try to find activities to build brain power. Studies have shown if you keep your mind active during breaks from school, when you return for the new year, you are more prepared. I wanted to share 5 of the most fun and interesting ways to keep those minds active over the summer:

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5 Activities To Build Brain Power

  1. Exercise: Studies have shown exercise increases brain function and creates new brain cells. Any activity to get you moving is exercising that brain, so take a bike ride, go rollerskating, swim in the pool or jump on the trampoline!
  2. Eat Healthy: It has been shown 20% of the nutrients we consume go to powering your brain. Eat foods which will improve brain function like fish, fruits and veggies.
  3. Sleep: When we are sleeping, our brain rejuvenates itself and gets rid of toxins which build up during the day. Studies show if you get to bed between 9-12 pm, you are doing the most good for your brain power.
  4. Meditate: Interestingly, meditating has been shown to increase your IQ, relieve stress, and promote higher levels of brain function.
  5. Play Games: If you play games which make you think, challenges your memory or make quick decisions, you are firing off lots of synapses which are like firing your engine in your car. We are a huge board game playing family, so this is a fun and easy way we can keep our brains sharp over the summer.

loaded questions We try to play games at least twice a week, if not more, and we are always on the lookout for new games to add to our collection. We were recently sent two really fun games from and we just cannot get enough of them! The company is based in Miami and has been selling their USA made games, puzzles, card games and frames to many happy customers. They have been featured in The New York Times, CNN and The Wall Street Journal and has been seen on The Today Show. You can find their products in such fine retailers as Target, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Toys R Us and many more. We received “What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar” and “Loaded Questions”, both of which retail for $25. With What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar, we decided to play with a favorite frozen treat as the grand prize! I mean, when in Rome, right?! The game is fast paced and definitely tests your creativity and quick wit. The game has you doing some crazy challenges which lead you to collect 6 Klondike Bars. We have had so many gut busting belly laughs with this game that when we have friends over, it is one of the first things the kids want to do!

With Loaded Questions, you are tested how well you know the other players. The game has over 1,000 questions that can be asked of the players like “What one sport should cease to exist?” or “If you were on death row, what would you order for your last meal?”. Each player writes down their answer and then are read aloud and you guess which player matches their answer. This is a great game to play with people you know really well and people you just met, as it is a great way to get to know someone. It was a great game to play with our new neighbors and their kids last weekend. I am looking forward to adding more games, especially some of the card games and puzzles from to our collection soon. Be sure to follow on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. One USA reader will win What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar and Loaded Questions, ARV $50.

What do you do to build brain power over the summer?


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