Now that you know how to START A REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY BLOG and FIND PRODUCTS TO REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY, you will want to increase your following? Brands that you approach and that the brands that will soon approach you will be interested in your statistics. Being a brand-new blogger, it is often hard to know where to start and which way to go. There seem to be so many blogs out there. How can you get yours noticed so people will follow you? JOIN IN! That is my big secret, that and WORK HARD. When I started to blog, I saw so many others doing the same thing I was, so I took a few days to hop around and see what everyone else was doing. I noticed blog-hops first off and decided, wow! look at all these people that will hop to my blog. Unfortunately not so. I visited every blog making comments and did not get many return followers. So, can’t beat them join them!

  • Start your own blog hop! This is the best way to get your name out there in the beginning. Then go to all the hops that are happening and invite the people to your hop. Advertise in blog hop directories or get a bigger blogger to host with you. Try to usually ask a middle-weight blogger in numbers.  they won’t usually be as busy and if you offer to do the work and all they have to do is post! Golden! If you build it, they will come! Get an account with inlinkz (free text links) or another service like Linky Tools, come up with a theme and go! Please make sure though that every person that leaves you a comment that they followed you, do them the courtesy to follow back. (Keep in mind this tutorial is for R&G blogs. If you are a person who writes their intimate feelings and thoughts to share, you may not want just numbers) Find a buddy not in your genre–buddy up for fresh blood. At one time, I had a hop for every day of the week. As I grew, I had to let these go because I got too busy, but I still keep A Not So Moody Monday. It was my first and favorite. Now, I schedule them out a month in advance!

**Tip** Make an email list through Mailchimp to have your blog hoppers sign up for, then email them when you have a hop go live. I soon got a loyal following who waited for my emails to know when to join. You can join mine here: Blog Hop Email List

  • Join events! As soon as I found out about giveaway events and group giveaways, I was on that like white on rice! I started my own giveaway event, “I Love My Mommy” and then followed shortly with, “I Love My Daddy” Now, I have them every month including several Special events.  I also join in everyone else’s events and list them on my page so others can too!

**Tip**Sometimes bloggers will offer certain programs to help you gain followers. Check out your favorite blogs, and see what they might have. I have a Blogger of the week program.

  • Make it a requirement! In order to win a giveaway on your blog, they need to follow you. Give options and lots of them. Some people will want to use Twitter, but not email; or email and not Facebook, or some will want to follow you every way they can.

**Tip** Make it EASY to find where to follow you! If they have to search many would-be followers will just give up. See how I have a plugin on the right side, some choices in my menu bar and in my sidebar?

**Tip** Keep track of where you submit to. Check your traffic to see which brings you the most visits. Don’t waste your time submitting to sites that don’t give you a good return for your time.

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