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Building A Better Back To School With DinoTrux #StreamTeam

It is time to go back to school and my boys are ready. The first weeks of school are all about building new relationships with teachers and classmates. One of their favorite new shows is all about building and working together to accomplish goals. Netflix has the first season of DinoTrux available for streaming now. The DinoTrux are half construction vehicle, half dinosaur. They live with tiny Reptools (half power tool, half lizard). They all have unique abilities and temperaments, and find that they can’t do everything alone. They work together to solve problems and help each other out. They build solutions to issues that they all face together, and learn that everyone can be useful.

My boys quickly picked favorites, with the oldest adopting Ty – a giant red earth mover/wrecking ball/Jurassic specimen. My youngest prefers the small, green Swiss army knife of a lizard known as Revvit. Luckily for all of us, the show’s writers have decided they are the best of friends. The show does a great job of making everybody feel useful and important in their own way. From the largest to the smallest, we all have a role to play and effort to contribute. It’s good to know that the entertainment your children enjoy can also offer healthy examples of useful communication skills.

Working together to solve problems, and doing this in a constructive, cooperative method is at the core of DinoTrux. I like my boys seeing that they need to work together and help each other, at school and at home. The idea of obstacles which seem overwhelming at first being overcome through individual contributions to a larger effort is an important concept. It is not always an easy thing to convey to children when you are a single mom doing all of the tasks in a house. When they go off to school, I want my boys looking to teachers and classmates for help when they need it, and being willing to help out graciously when called upon.

As my boys go off to school and begin building their careers and lives, I want to make sure I have provided a solid foundation for them to learn upon. I try to make sure the activities, chores and entertainment which fill up the hours of the day are constructive. I appreciate that the men and women responsible for DinoTrux feel the same way. I know this is going to be a great school year for all of us!

DreamWorks Animation’s DinoTrux is available for streaming on Netflix now!

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