Ugly Ted

Bullying Problem In America

Do you realize how big the bullying problem in America really is?  It’s a huge issue that is finally being openly discussed because let’s face it, it’s always happened.  I remember being on the bus as a second grader being bullied by the older kids, it’s not a fond memory!  As a society, we need to take a stand against bullying and do what ever it takes to stop the bullying.  The creators of Ugly Ted, have created the not so average teddy bear to bring awareness to the difference between people regardless of what they look like and where they come from.

Bullying Prevention

I think Ugly Ted is the key to bullying prevention.  It’s for all ages, which is great because when they are young it’s very important that they understand what’s right and wrong.  It’s our duty as parents and teachers to help lay the foundation.  I for one don’t want my children to fall prey to a bully or become a bully themselves.  The point of the Ugly Ted Teddy Bear is to bring attention to the differences between people and that it’s okay to be different.  Not everyone is a model or perfect and we shouldn’t treat anyone badly because of how they look.  Ugly Ted is about 15″ tall with a large head, small body and short legs.  It’s ears are different sizes/shapes, it has buck teeth, one eye larger than the other and its nose is large.  The fabric is brown and soft.

True Test Of Character

The true test of character was giving Ugly Ted to my 4 year old, I handed it to her and she gave me this “I don’t want this” look!  I said its a new bear for you, she says “I don’t like it” my teaching moment had arrived.  I said why and she said “it looks weird, its ugly”.  So I said even though he’s not like your other bears doesn’t he deserve to be loved?  Not everyone is always going to look the same and its not nice to not like them because of their appearance.  We should be accepting and nice to all people regardless of what they look like.  Then I said do you remember when you wanted to play with those little girls on the playground and they wouldn’t play with you because you had a ponytail?  Her eyes grew wide and she said “yes, that made sad and I didn’t like it”.  This is the same type of thing, you shouldn’t not play with Ugly Ted because he looks different.  She said “your right Mommy, can I take him to show and tell at school so I can share him with my friends”.  This made me smile, my teaching moment paid off!
You can purchase Ugly Ted for $16.99.  The website also has several stories you can read to your children and enjoy.  They are really wonderful and send a great message regarding bullying.  Check them out on Facebook!
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