The following post was told from the viewpoint of guest, Tesha Miller, one wickedly awesome gal to spend the day in the park with and has been facilitated by Mom Central & Busch Gardens with tickets into the park.

busch gardens group image
Mino, Jennifer, Tesha, and Billy

Busch Gardens plus good friends equals an amazing day! So easy to be silly when you are surrounded by fun. While at Busch Gardens Tampa roller coasters were my focus, but the scenery and shows were fabulous.

Jen & Tesha

Jennifer and I getting ready for the adventure on the Serengeti Safari Tour. What a Beautiful Topiary of the Giraffe behind us, I’m so excited! I think we look pretty enough for the Animals that await us. The Park Map is full of Adventurous turns and twists, so many different flavors of Busch Gardens authentic themes.

park map

I was never bored. Each time I saw something new, all you heard was ohh and ahhh! There were so many wonderful things to gaze upon while exploring Busch Gardens, if it weren’t for this map, I may have needed saving. Nature’s Kingdom, is a neat little gift shop we came across. This shop was full of  African history and authentic merchandise from various lands.

natures kingdom gift shop

I especially loved the Djembe Drums and Dashikis. They also have a great selection of Statues, Semi Precious Stones, and clothing. The gift shop really allows to you to take the culture home with you! It has an incredible selection and is very well priced.

We ate at the Crown Colony, located across the popular Cheetah Hunt. The image above is my husband and I headed up the stairs. Don’t we look so in love! The view was amazing overlooking the Serengeti Plains. I ordered the Pulled Pork with Lime coleslaw on flatbread with fries and a pickle . Yum! There was a decent selection of food with something for everyone.


The Iceplorations is a 30 min show at the Moroccan Palace Theatre. The show was simply dazzling and the talent took my breath away. The vibrant colored costumes were complex and surrealistic. At times the skaters seemed to jump off the stage. My favorite was the wildlife exploration story between a grandfather and his grandson. These days all boys seem to have their noses stuck in a computer screen. This adventuresome grandpa wanted more for his lineage. He took his grandson on a lifetime adventure to Africa without being connected. The message of getting out into the world is an important one to me.

The Shiekra Rollercoaster made me scream with excitement and fright. The drastically, steep plunge from the uppermost point had Jennifer closing her eyes and my husband screaming like a girl. I rocked it with my hands waving freely in the air. Girls rock!

Rollercoasters are insane fun. Since Jennifer kept her eyes closed her eyes the whole time, she videoed the rollercoasters to watch later. Sitting in the first row is essential if you want to get a great video. I am impressed how Jen can video with eyes shut! This is the gang on the Kumba! Look Mom, No hands!

Since rollercoasters are my favorite I thought I’d share the list of the ones at Busch Gardens so you can hit them all when you go.

Complete List of Busch Gardens Tampa Roller Coasters

  • Sheikra
  • Montu
  • Cheetah Hunt
  • Kumba
  • Gwazi
  • Scorpion
  • Falcon’s Fury

Karina boat

As you walk around the grounds at Busch Gardens, there are plenty of picture taking opportunities. Being the photo freaks we are, we stopped at many! Look! Jennifer is stranded in the boat! Here I am stuck in jail. Dang it!

Tesha in Jail

We found this HUGE gorilla and my husband stood by my side as I became the monkey on his back!


We added the Serengeti Safari Tour to our day at the day at the park which ended up being the highlight We gazed upon endless acres of lush, beautiful lands filled with giraffes, zebras, rhinoceros, antelopes and several others I cannot recall. The open Jeep ride came equipped with our guide who was very knowledgeable about the animals and their natural habitats. At one point, we fed the giraffes lettuce by hand!

giraffe feeding

This is my husband Billy up close and personal to that long purple tongue which can reach pretty much everywhere. These gentle creatures seem to have a never-ending  appetite so every member of the tour was able to take a few turns at feeding the giraffe.

There are so many things to do and see at Busch Gardens Tampa you can take your whole family and spend a few days. There is still time left to experience the Summer Nights at Busch Gardens and Pantopia.


Stay for an explosive encore as Busch Gardens® Tampa heats things up with Summer Nights®! At Summer Nights, diving face down on a 335-foot drop tower takes on a whole new meaning when you do it – in the DARK—on Falcon’s Fury, opening soon! Plus, Cheetah Hunt® after dark gives the graceful predator a new twist, and Kinetix® returns for a rock-fueled blast of music and acrobatics every night on the Gwazi® Park stage.

Welcome to Pantopia™, Busch Gardens® Tampa’s fully-remodeled land featuring thrilling rides and attractions, sensational new culinary options, exciting entertainment, shopping, an indoor theater and more. Located in the heart of Busch Gardens and beckoning guests from across the globe, the centerpiece of Pantopia™ will be Falcon’s Fury™, North America’s tallest freestanding drop tower.

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