As a parent, you will know that good nutrition for yourself and your family starts with the choices that you make at the supermarket. But, grocery shopping does not come cheap, and taking a weekly trip to the supermarket is often something that many busy mums and dads begin to dread. If you want to make your family grocery shopping an easier experience, we’ve got some handy tips that you might like to start using.

1.      Make a List: When you go to the grocery store, it can be easy to end up spending more than you’d planned, especially if there are plenty of great things on offer and you have a little one sat in the shopping trolley who always seems to want everything. Along with this, it can also be just as easy to end up forgetting some of the most essential things that you’ve actually gone out grocery shopping for in the first place. Making a shopping list of things that you know that you will need for the week is the best way to stay within your budget, make shopping easier and quicker as you know exactly what you’re looking for, and avoid forgetting to pick up important items.

2.      Shop Online: Shopping online, rather than making a trip to your local supermarket, is one of the best ways to make your grocery shopping a much easier experience. Along with that, the fact that you are shopping online rather than putting food and groceries in your shopping trolley at the store also means that you can see how much you’re spending and make better, more informed decisions about what you buy. Although shopping online does have some drawbacks, for example getting substitutions that you didn’t want or items not being available at the time you make your order, it’s definitely an easier and more enjoyable experience overall that you can do at any time of the day or night. If you’re in a rush, you can even get same day grocery delivery from many supermarkets.

3.      Don’t Go Hungry: You may have heard people saying to never go to the supermarket when you’re hungry as you’ll buy more, and the fact is, they’re actually right. When you visit the supermarket on an empty stomach, you’ll be much more tempted to fill your basket with unhealthy foods and treats that you don’t need. The same goes for your kids, too – if you take them grocery shopping before they’ve had their main meal, chances are that they’re going to be hungry too and they’ll probably be throwing all manner of things that you don’t really need into the shopping cart. Because of this, plan your grocery shopping trips so that they occur after mealtimes, when the whole family is full and not thinking about food.

Grocery shopping as a family isn’t always the easiest of experiences. However, if you’re a busy mum or dad who’s started to dread the weekly shop, these tips can help you to make it a better experience for all.