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Buy A Balloon For The Best Ten Dollars Ever Spent At Walt Disney World

Hands down the best bang for your buck is from this balloon that you can purchase at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. You see them flying all over the place and your kids all want one, but you wonder is ten dollars really necessary for a balloon? I mean you can buy a really expensive balloon for $3.00 at the supermarket and it will only last a week. I guess the novelty of having a piece of Disney is worth it right? Right! It is magical to be able to take a part of Walt Disney World home with you, to see your child’s smiling face when he wakes up from nap having those big mouse ears bobbing around your house.  It is worth it to make your children happy.

But, it is really worth it for the quality of the balloon. I am amazed. It is a full month later and the balloon is still floating! The weights still have to hold the balloon to the floor to keep the helium from rising. The picture above is adorable because Jakobi is wearing Daddy’s boots, but look at the balloon. We purchased that balloon Feb 6, 2012 and this picture was taken today March 19, 2012. Amazing! Worth every single penny. It is a little deflated, but still floating. Take ten dollars and invest in over a month’s worth of play.


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