While plastic for consumer products is not a good idea, there’s little impact of it on the environment when it comes to industrial and structural applications. The material being used can be reused for other purposes, which makes the material so versatile. As such, it’s no wonder that people are turning to plastics for things like home décor as well.

Whether your need for plastic is for industrial or residential usage, you should consider contacting Regal Plastics for all your needs. Under one roof, you have a wide variety of plastics and acrylics with widespread applications.


Regal Plastics has a wide range of plastics available in its catalogue including Polycarbonate Plastic, Polyethylene Sheets, PVC, Coroplast/Fluted Polypropylene, ABS Plastic, Foam Board Products, Polypropylene, High Impact Styrene Sheets, Acetal/Delrin, PETG, Fiberglass Reinforced Panel (FRP), BOLTARON 4330 Thermoplastic Sheet (KYDEX EQUIVALENT), Phenolic Plastic, and High Temperature Plastics.

Regal Plastics offers custom fabrication and their products have a wide range of residential applications including landscape architecture, acrylic mirrors, greenhouses, interior décor, display cases, cutting boards, framing, skylights, light fixtures, accent walls, partitions and windows. Other non-residential applications include events & exhibits, office partitions, outdoor design, commercial roofing, mobile workstations & tool carts, pop displays, security materials, manufacturing & machined parts, vehicle panels & accessories, and light diffusion panels.


In addition to the above-mentioned plastics, Regal Plastics also stocks Acrylic plastic. You’re able to see their collection in their stores which many other companies do not do. For clarity, acrylic plastics are different from regular plastic as it is lightweight and shatter resistant. In the market, the most common names of acrylic plastic are Lucite, Plexiglas, Acrylite, or Perspex. 

Acrylic plastics have a wide range of applications including the ones for plastic mentioned above. Also, the finish of acrylic plastic is much smoother and refined when compared to regular plastic and people have a choice between a variety of colors, textures, thickness, and performance standards (depending on the usage). You will find acrylic plastic being used in homes for decorative purposes and also for bulletproof shielding outside military compounds and embassies.


Regal Plastics is also a master distributor of Polygal. In fact, they are the largest master distributor for Polygal in the United States, having established their business only one year after Polygal was first introduced to the market. Polygal has an edge over the market when it comes to structured sheet products, due to the quality of their build and the reliability of their products. Regal Plastics stocks Polygal standard grade sheets, specialty sheets, and greenhouse sheets, in varying degrees of strength, thickness, and color.


Regal Plastics was founded in 1971 in Dallas, Texas, and started off as a small neighborhood store. Today, the company, which is still family owned, has almost 100 employees and is serving customers through six different locations in Texas and Louisiana. If you want to purchase any plastics or acrylics, or just want to get a quotation, you can head over to their website and fill out a form in ten minutes.