Mother And Daughter Jewelry Makes A Great Gift

I am one of those people who does not like a lot of attention, especially when it comes to receiving gifts. I know it is corny, but I really would much rather give someone a gift than to get one myself. I have so much more fun buying for other people than I do opening gifts for myself. My family hates this because I am not very cooperative when it comes to graciously receiving gifts. The only exception to this rule is my husband because he hates shopping so having a wife that doesn’t like getting fits is a bonus for him. I have found one exception to this rule and it is when you and someone else receives a gift. When I was pregnant, my husband actually came to some of the baby showers with me, so it was not as awkward for me. Another perfect situation for me would be mother and daughter gifts, which I love the idea of. It is such a beautiful way to show your love one another and strengthen your bond. For jewelry that is unique, beautiful and hand made, I would only trust Amber with Simpli Stamped.

Mother And Daughter Jewelry

For this Mother’s Day, I thought I would treat my daughter and I to something special we could both enjoy. I could not decide what I wanted to get, so Amber offered to design something just for Caitlin and I. I could not believe the customer service she offered to me. I am not creative when it comes to things like this, so I left it completely up to her. Amber designed the most precious mother and daughter jewelry set that I could not have been happier with. She created a necklace set with a larger heart for me and then cut out a smaller heart from it for Caitlin. What a sweet sentimental gift that the two of us will treasure for always.

Amber is a stay at home mom of two who loves creating jewelry, a trade that was inspired by a personal story. As a young girl, Amber frequently admired a bracelet in a local store that said “Jesus Loves Me”. When she went to finally purchase the bracelet, it was gone. When a dear friend had a child with a grave sickness, Amber wanted to find a bracelet like the one she had admired and could not. When the friend was having another baby, Amber decided to learn to make a bracelet for her friend that said “I am loved”. The rest of the story, is as they say, history. I encourage you to take a look at Amber’s gorgeous and finely detailed work so you can marvel at the skill of this self taught artist. Our mother daughter set is priced at $68.00 from Amber’s Simpli Stamped online storefront.
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  1. Absolutely love the custom sterling silver ring. I would get both of my daughters names on it.

  2. Sterling silver ball chain. I received a necklace, that I love, but I can not wear it because the finish wore off the chain. It made my neck green and black. This would be a great replacement if it is not plated.

  3. I like the piece of my heart mother-daughter necklace set. Would love to be able to share this with my daughter.

  4. I love the hope stamped necklace, and the rings are so cute with the tiny stamped hearts!

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