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The Importance Of Doll Play For Girls And Boys

I have been looking into the importance of doll play and how it affects kids.  My mom was anti dolls for some unknown reason, so I wasn’t allowed to have them.  When Chelsea was little, she had no interest in dolls whatsoever and Caitlin has always been into them.  Interestingly, Henry loves dolls and stuffed animals and usually has one or the other with him at all times. I know a lot of moms who disagree with allowing their boys to play with dolls, but I never thought it would permanently scar him.  I decided to research and see if doll play was good for your kids and why.  Here is what I found:

The Importance Of Doll Play

 Social Skills :  Dolls are a great way for children to learn to care for others.  By mimicking their mother, children will hug, kiss, hold and feed their baby just like mommy does for them.  This in turn lays the foundation for kids to become caring and nurturing adults.

Emotional development:  By practicing on their baby dolls, a child has a safe friend who they can tell their feeling to with no fear of being judged or reprimanded.  If you hear your child being stern with their dolls, this is a good thing!  This allows the child to get rid of negative feelings on a neutral companion.

 Imagination: By encouraging imaginary play with your child, you are helping them tap into their creative side.   As very young children, dolls are a comrade who listens while your child practices their verbal and social skills on their baby doll.  As children get older, it is recommended that you encourage your child to have dolls from other cultures, so they can see how different people can look. This helps your child be more accepting of people who are not the same as they are. One of the most well-known baby dolls for children has to be the Cabbage Patch Kids line of dolls.  These adorable friends have been a popular toy among children for more than 30 years.
Popular Baby Dolls

Popular Baby Dolls

I think the Cabbage Patch brand has got to be one of the most popular baby dolls.  I lived in Atlanta when Xavier Roberts was creating his line of dolls that were created with the German technique of needle molding.  By 1981 the Cabbage Patch dolls were steadily gaining popularity and people were going crazy for them.  I clearly remember one Christmas that people were looking for sold out Cabbage Patch dolls as if they contained the Golden Ticket.  I thought it would be great fun to let the kids have a Cabbage Patch doll just like their older sister had when she was younger.  The latest in the long line of adoptable babies are the new Cabbage Patch Kids Babies ($24.99).  These precious babies come complete with their blankie, bottle and pacifier and their adoption papers.  When Ida from JAKKS Pacific, Inc. asked if I was interested in writing about the new line from the folks at Babyland General, I jumped at the chance!  I knew Caitlin would love to have one of these cuties to play mommy with.  As with the CPK’s from 30 years ago, the new babies are no different than the well-constructed, adorable and adoptable dolls from 1981.  Caitlin absolutely loves her new doll Miranda Elizabeth.  Since receiving the doll, she has slept with it every night since.  Now through 12/31/2012, Cabbage Patch Kids and Shutterfly are parenting up to give their customers a great deal.  For every CPKB bought, the customer will receive a free 8×8 hardcover photo book ($29.99 value).  They can also enter the Cabbage Patch Kids® One-of-a-Kind Kid Photo contest.  All you need to do is upload your favorite picture of your child with their CPKB (or without the doll).  The winner will receive a doll package from Cabbage Patch as well as being featured on a CPK package and many other prizes.


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