I found that when melting white chocolate for making truffles this year, it would not melt consistently and then finally seized up.  I was so upset because I had just melted all the bags of white chocolate at the same time (to save time, which never works..lol).  Needless to say, it was ruined, but I knew sometimes you can add oil to loosen up white chocolate, but vegetable oil sounded gross in my chocolate.  The coconut oil was perfect!  It even added a light coconut blend and my white chocolate was smooth and easily dippable.

Here is the basic cake truffle recipe I adapted and used this year.

Cake Ball Truffles

1 box of cake mix ( I have used carrot cake, strawberry, orange, chocolate, vanilla, anything works really) following the directions on the back to make the cake while substituting any butter or oil with palm shortening.

After baking the cake, crumble with a fork and add two big spoon scoops of frosting (mix and match the flavors of your frosting with our cake to create different flavor combinations), I used whipped because there is more air and less frosting making it not as dense.  Mix cake and frosting and press to the bottom of the bowl.  Now make little balls and put them on a wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Put in fridge for an hour to firm.

Melt the chocolate (1 large bag of semi sweet or white chocolate chips) for 1 min at 70% power in the microwave.  Put in 1 T of virgin coconut oil to smooth out the chocolate.  Keep melting it until smooth in 15 sec intervals.

Now dip the hardened (cold) balls from the fridge using your fingers, toothpicks or a spatula into the chocolate and place on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Now top with graham crackers, candy cane pieces, chocolate drizzles, sprinkles and refrigerate for another hour.

These were a big hit at my cooking event.  I even topped a few with the coconut flakes.



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