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Monthly Online Wine Club – Unique Christmas Gift for Wine Lovers

I have received a 3-month Premier Club gift membership from the California Wine Club. I love that you can purchase these wines online and opt in for a monthly online wine club. You can connect with them at @cawineclub @boringwineguy and The California Wine Club and The Boring Wine Guy’s on Facebook. I am sure any wine lover would be thrilled to receive a monthly unique gift of wine at Christmastime.

Wine Club of The Month

I was so excited that I was chosen to receive a three month subscription to the wine of the month club. I was sent two wines from the Premier Club. You have the options of selected one red and one white or two of the same color of wine. You can purchase one month for $49.45 and 2 months for $98.50.  I received a red and a white wine for my first month.

Best Red Wine Club

If you are looking for the best red wine club of the month, The California Wine Club is a great place to start. The red wine that I was sent was not only a Silver medal winner, but a gold medal winner as well. Zinman by Perry Creek Winery farmed and produced from Old Vines. I am such a fan of red wine. I like mine dry as well as sweet, so it is really hard to go wrong if you send me a red! I loved having this wine delivered right to my front door. The UPS guy even asked me for my ID. Aw… This California red wine was a little on the sweet side and I enjoyed a glass with chocolate brownies which brought out the chocolate undertone. A great California Red Wine Club choice.

California White Wine Club of The Month

The California white wine of the month was another from Perry Creek winery from the Sierra Foothills. With a hint of vanilla and tropical flavors I added this to a white wine sauce with mangos and green beans. I always cook with my sweet whites and drink the dry! My mom, however, had a glass while I was cooking and loved it!

When ordering your Premier Wine from the California Wine Club, please use the code: scribe for 10% on every gift order you place. In addition to receiving a 10% discount on any gifts you order from the site, if you decide to sign-up for a Wine Club Membership yourself, you will receive a 10% discount on your first month of membership and a free bottle of wine in your first months shipment.

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