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Camera Bug? Five Must Have Camera Accessories

I love taking pictures and recently signed up for a photography class at the local college. I treated myself to a nice DSLR camera and am having fun learning how to use it. I am the token photographer in the family, so I thought I would take steps to learn a few techniques that would make my pictures look more professional. Our class instructor has given us a list of suggested accessories we should have for our camera to help us take better pictures. I thought I would share them with you in case you were interested:

  • Case or Bag: Everyone should have a case or bag to carry their camera, equipment and accessories. Most camera specific bags come with compartments and are padded. This is the best choice, but any bag will work if it has the room you need.
  • Lenses: It is a good idea to have at least one lens, but if possible, two is better. I have the standard 18-55 mm lens as well as a telephoto lens. I wanted the additional lens because my daughter performs in choir at many events and I wanted to have a lens that would take great pictures, even if I am sitting farther away.
  • Filters: To give your pictures a variety of effects, you should have a pack of filters. Typically, you can find a pack of 3 filters for a very reasonable price in any camera or electronics department.
  • Tripod: I am quickly learning how important a tripod can be to take great pictures. One of our assignments was to take a picture of a moving subject using a tripod. The camera froze the car I photographed perfectly and that was only because I had the tripod.
  • Strap: Our teacher told us the most important accessory we could get for our camera is a good strap. This was the first assignment we had because he said it was very easy to have a camera slip out of your hand and break. My camera was not cheap, so if I dropped it, my husband would strangle me! I found the perfect strap for my camera from Mod Straps, one of the leaders in the industry for high quality camera straps and accessories.

Camera Bug? Five Must Have Camera Accessories

When I bought my camera, it came with a strap but it was ugly and very uncomfortable. When I was offered to review one of the beautiful and stylish straps from Mod Straps, I was all over it! There are so many patterns and colors to choose from that it took me almost an hour to make my decision! I love my strap because we are in TN, so orange for the Vols was an easy choice. I love the velvet underside of the strap so it is comfortable against my neck and the length is just perfect for me (the strap is adjustable).

In addition to camera straps, you can also purchase cap savers, wristlets, camera bags and tech sleeves. Mod Straps is a mother and daughter team who started the company when Amber was looking for a camera strap for herself and could not find anything she liked. Pulling out her grandmothers sewing machine and her mom Jeannie’s help, Amber made a vibrantly colored and stylish camera strap and the rest is history! All of the straps have been tested  by a licensed engineer for strength and durability and they can withstand up to 90 pounds of pull down weight. The stitching and construction of each product from Mod Straps is impeccable as is their customer service. You can purchase the premium camera strap like I received for $48.50 along with their other products online at their home page and in select camera stores in the USA.One reader will win a $25 gift certificate to be used at Mod Straps.


  1. Premium Strap – Black Polka – I just got my very first nice Canon Rebel t3i, I would love these for it!

  2. They have a lot of nice things. I like the strap wrap, the padded strap, and the compact camera pouch

  3. As a photobug with a terrible memory, I need the caps savers–I love the clock one,
    reminds me of my grandfather’s dollar potato he used to carry.

  4. I think my favorite is the Gray and Mustard strap; hard to decide though, so many pretty patterns/colors. These straps look like they would be durable and I think I’d really like the backing used.

  5. I really like the silver Victorian camera strap. I love taking photos. I have several nikon dslr cameras and am always taking pictures of something. These camera straps are really nice and I’d love to have one for one of my cameras. Thank you.

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