cami shaper

I was blessed with a curvy, womanly body and I love to buy clothes that flatter my figure. The problem with a curvy figure is that I sometimes have unsightly “bumps” if my clothes don’t fit properly. I’ve tried a variety of undergarments like camisoles, and shapers but they each have their draw backs. For one, I end up with far too many layers that make me feel constricted. Additionally, camisoles tend to ride up on hourglass figures until they are setting somewhere on my mid-drift. In general it can just be a real pain.

Fortunately, Genie, the makes of the famous Genie Bra and other shape wear have come out with the Cami Shaper. Basically it’s the ultimate 3 in 1 garment: it’s a camisole, a shaper and a bra all in one. Yay for less layers! Plus, it’s not just “any” bra built it. It’s the famous Genie Bra. This bra features soft contour cups that conform to your shape . Not only does it lift and support, it also reduces the back-fat-bumps and spillage. It’s not always a blessing if “my cup runneth over.” Like other Genie products the Cami Shaper features a magic pouch that accommodates removable modesty pads for extra lift and coverage.

No women likes to be walking around with a muffin top, or love handles spilling over her jeans. Equally as distressing are the bra rolls we sometimes get in our back from unsupportive bras. Like most traditional shapers the Cami Shaper boast 5 zones of comfortable compression for those trouble areas (back, sides, stomach, love handles and muffin top). What I love is that unlike the traditional Cami the band on the Cami Shaper actually flares to hug your hips and prevent it from riding up. They really thought of everything when designing their shape wear. It even comes in 3 colors and is completely affordable at $60 for a pack of three.


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