Camping Must Haves

We live in the south and it gets hot here pretty quickly. We basically go from 5″ of snow to 90 degree heat within a matter of days!  This year it has been a bit more mild and the weather is quite enjoyable. I hate to go camping when it is beastly hot outside, but with the tamer weather we are experiencing, it is perfect. Because we have not been camping in a few years, I have had to take stock of what we have and make a list of what we need. After I did some research, I came up with a pretty solid list of what we need for our next camping trip. I hope this is helpful to you!

Camping Must Have Checklist Pin

Camping Must Have Checklist

  1. Bedding: The first thing I think of when I think of camping is where I will be sleeping. We all have sleeping bags and pillows we use when we go camping. If you have a bad back like me, it is a good idea to have an inflatable mattress to give you a more comfortable place to sleep. Sometimes we bring a tent and sometimes we do not, depending on where we are staying and the time of year it is.
  2. Cooking: After I make sure I have a place to sleep, I need to have a place to eat! We have a portable grill because I suck at starting a fire. We have gone hungry too many times because we could not get a fire lit, so a grill it is! We also have a set of reusable dishes, utensils and glasses. We also have a neat cooking set of pans for things like baked beans or making coffee. We pack a cooler with our perishable items and a large tote bag for our pantry items.
  3. Chairs: The kids are fine to sit on stadium seats or cushions, but my husband and I bring a few folding chairs for he and I to sit in. My back cannot take the hard ground, so I need to have a comfy place to sit down and relax.
  4. Entertainment: We are usually good for a day or so of exploring the woods and swimming, but then the kids get bored. We have a bag we fill with outdoor games, playing cards, and yes, electronic devices! I love music, so I must have my playlist available to listen to while I am hanging out. The best thing I can bring to hear my tunes come across crystal clear is my Rollick™ portable Bluetooth® speaker from iLuv. I would not leave the house without it!

Rollick Speaker

I LOVE iluv products and have reviewed many of their products over the years. One of their latest and may I say, coolest, products is the selfy, which I reviewed in my post, “Five Tips For Taking Better Selfies.” As with the other iLuv products I have reviewed, the Rollick™ has stepped up to the challenge and far surpassed my expectations and has become one of my camping must haves. This little sweetie may be small in stature but it is absolutely big where it counts: sound. The Rollick™ has a 2 way stereo system with jAura® sound technology, which translates into amazingly rich sound. The Rollick™ has the rounded look and innovative design you have come to expect with iLuv products.

The Rollick™ has a play/pause and volume control from the front panel or you can do that from your Bluetooth-connected device. I have it synced to my tablet and control the volume from there. If you want a wired connection, it has a 3.5mm aux input. Rollick™ comes in plenty of colors which are sure to match any decor including black, red, white, blue, and pink. I love the little rubber feet which give it added grip on surfaces, so I know I am not going to have it go sliding off the picnic table at the campgrounds. With the rechargeable battery, you get up to four hours of playtime before you need to re-charge it. You can purchase the Rollick™ for $50 from the iLuv website and select retailers. Be sure to follow iLuv on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

What is on your list of camping must haves?


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