When attending college, the most expensive part is your text books.  Most classes require multiple books and each can run a few hundred dollars a piece.  They really add up quickly.  Renting your text books is the newest thing to hit the book stores.  You no longer need to buy the books new or even used.  You can rent them for the time you need (a semester) then return them.  It is more economical to rent your books than paying full price for a book that will be only be used a few months.  Every penny counts, and when you rent your book, you know you are getting your money’s worth and not over paying.

CampusBookRentals.com is a quick and easy way to find your text books each semester.  The process is simple, you search for the book you need for the given class by ISBN, Author, Title or Keyword.  Select the book(s) you need, they will be delivered to your home.  Yep, that’s an added bonus, no needing to stand in lines for hours at the book store, these will be shipped directly to you.  At the end of your semester you just return the book(s) and order the new books you will need.  It is that simple.  Talk about green!  You do not have to waste gas driving to the book store and you aren’t buying new books that have to be published.  By renting a book, you are saving a tree.   You are also saving yourself the hassle of having to sell back your books.  That takes hours to get through the lines only to find out they are giving 1/10 of the money you spent buying the book just  few months ago.  Save yourself the stress, time and money and rent your books online.