One of the most distressing factors about our current situation, aside from the virus itself, is that we don’t know if life will ever go back to normal. Things we took for granted only a month ago now seem like a freedom we never appreciated. It is natural to feel sad about the world we have temporarily lost and too long for normalcy.

Which has led many to question if we can maintain our lifestyles from home. Is it possible to continue doing some of the simple things we love without leaving the house?

The good news is that there are ways to get the simple gastronomic pleasures we are used to. We can even take them further, learning more about these pleasures, becoming connoisseurs rather than casually enjoying them.

Try joining one of the following clubs.

Wine clubs

I thought I loved wine. It was always my drink of choice. However, recently I learned that “wine” is a very vague description of a drink! There are just so many varieties of wines, with differences that can be subtle but can also make for entirely different experiences.

Of course, we all know that there is a lot more to wine than most of us give it credit for. But because wine is expensive and learning the nuances takes a lot of time and money, we stick with what we know.

Now can be the perfect opportunity to engage in this pleasure while learning more about what to look for in a good bottle. Simply join one of the many wine clubs online.

Where are the best wine clubs online? There are many subscription options that will send you bottles as well as tasters of different wines, selected for you by the experts.

Beer clubs

Beer does not have the same reputation as wine. It is considered by way too many people to be a simple drink for people who love sports. However, there are a ton of different beers these days with differences as subtle as those between high quality wine.

Hipsters may have been telling you this for ages, and now is the time to trust them and give it a try. Subscribe to a beer club and you will taste a variety of craft beers made by flavor experts.

Take the opportunity to acquire a new taste, getting to know beer intimately as a cultivated choice, rather than a guilty pleasure.

Cheese clubs

If you’re looking for a foodie experience, you probably want to try a cheese club. Cheese is one of the most popular foods, but it is also something that has so many varieties it is difficult to lump them all together. Some of them are definitely acquired tastes, that you might dislike immediately but learn to love.

A good cheese club will send you deliveries of a wide variety of cheeses. It will give you a delicious experience that you can even share with friends in a virtual setting.

Now is the perfect time to get acquainted with the different kinds of cheese, while enjoying the pleasure of the learning experience.

Joining one of these gastronomy clubs is ideal in the time of coronavirus. You can learn so much more about your favorite food and drink, getting so much pleasure from the entire experience.