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Canine Anxiety Treatment Wrap Family’s Best Friend Blog Event Sponsor

Thunderstorms are a daily occurence here in Florida and with that comes anxiety and fear.  Not just adults and children can get anxious during our sometimes strong and windy summer storms, but pets can also be scared.  Although it can be sad to see your children scared of a crazy afternoon storm, at least with children you can talk to them and explain what is going on, hopefully making them more comfortable and understanding.  A pet cannot understand your words and they can sense when other people in their family are anxious during a storm.  Thunder can be deafening and our storms lately have been known the even shake our windows!  My friend Heather has had an ongoing issue with thunderstorm fear with her dog, Parker, a 85 lb Golden Retriever.  She was so excited to hear about the Anxiety Wrap and so grateful at the chance to try it for Parker.  finally a Canine Anxiety Treatment.

Canine Anxiety Treatment

The Canine Anxiety Treatment Anxiety Wrap has detailed instructions on the inside cover of the package so there was no question or concern that we were applying it the right way.  The first time applying it its recommended to do during  a stress-free environment to get the pet used to it and not associate with a stress, anxiety producing event.  The Anxiety Wrap was easy to apply and Parker had no issues letting us apply it!  We tried it on him for the first time on a sunny day without any rain or thunder.  A few days later, Heather was able to put it to use during an afternoon thunderstorm.  She knew the storm was coming so she was able to apply it before the thunder even started.  Instead of pacing and barking during the storm, Parker was able to lay down and rest.  Heather was amazed at what a difference the Anxiety Wrap made.  She is so grateful that she has found a solution to help her dog with storm anxiety!

One of the many things that I LOVE about this company is the free online support that they offer.  Contact them directly with any questions or concerns with regarding the Anxiety Wrap and they will give you individual assistance free of charge!  The Anxiety Wrap comes with a 100% guarantee so its a risk-free purchase (although once you see how successful it will be, you will not only keep it, you’ll be telling your friends!).  The Anxiety Wrap is made with a light, breathable material and can be used wet to keep your dog cool in hot temperatures, like summer here in Florida!

The Anxiety Wrap is a great Canine Anxiety Treatment for thunderstorm anxiety with your dog but can also be used for seperation anxiety, travel anxiety, fear of loud noises (4th of July fireworks!), barking, jumping and other stress-related behaviors.

The Anxiety Wrap is a sponsor of the Family’s Best Friend Blog Event on October 7-13th.  Make sure you like them on Facebook, Twitter, and check out their website to win an Anxiety Wrap as part of the final package!

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