Just by purchasing a vehicle it doesn’t conclude that everything is done, regular car maintenance is mandatory for the vehicle to work efficiently. In order to avoid unnecessary repairs, accidents or risks of break downs as well as incurring expenses a regular car service is mandatory. In that manner, getpitstop.com helps customers in car servicing for the best fuel efficiency and smooth running of the car.

Advantages of car service

A car service is important as it

  • It assists in extended engine life.
  • Fuel economy improvement.
  • There is a decline in engine wear and tear
  • Assists in spotting any safety issues.
  • Vehicle value maintaining.

The time period for a car service

As the owner ignores car maintenance in order to avoid expenses would result in more intense issues present in the car. There is regular wear and tear any car suffers and requires monitoring and solutions. In this way, replacement or repair with more expenditure is avoided. The car manufacturers provide a service schedule that the owner follows.

Types of car maintenance service

  1. Interim changes: These services include minor changes such as changing engine oil, oil filter, clutch performance improvement, tyre pressure, wheel nut torque, windscreen washer replacement; brake fluids level, power steering etc. These are a few basic servicing with miscellaneous parts. It is mandatory to go for an interim service as it spots bigger issues in the car. If bigger issues are present, the service people inform the owner about the importance of the issue. It depends on the owner either to fix the problem or not.
  2. Full service: A full service includes additional tests that aren’t in the interim service list. The time period of full service is more and also the cost is more. The full service is not necessary often but is mandatory at least a year as advised by the service stations or manufactures.

Importance of timely or regular car service

Changing car oil is a very important chore amongst other necessary checks. They lead to sludge development avoiding good lubrication of engine as car oil isn’t changed. Also, this leads to intense engine failure and result in extensive repairs. Money-saving, in the long run, is possible only when minor repairs in the car are thru at the right time. Apart from programmed servicing, there are other situations too where the car needs servicing such as

  • When the car is going on a long trip.
  • When the car not in use for a long time.
  • When the car had an accident.
  • After a long trip in the car.

Checklist after car service

After servicing the car, there are few important facets to look into so that everything remains in order. Getpitstop makes sure to check the following list is done before handing the car to the customer.

  • Service sheet: This sheet acts as a communication between the customer and the car station regarding services. As the car is sent for service there are few points or faults to work on. While returning the car after service, the mechanics at pit stop check the sheet makes sure all are done and deliver the car. In this way the customer is happy.
  • Itemized bill: Once the car service is complete a bill with all details is given to the customer. The customers know the details regarding the cost and replacement of parts. In this way, the car service mechanics and car advisor are genuine in their chore.
  • Engine oil check: The mechanics make sure to show the customer about an engine oil change. Being the heart of the car, engine oil and filter change along with transmission is mandate feature. The new engine oil would be clean and lighter in colour.
  • Coolant change: After a few kilometres the engine coolant needs a change as it misses its properties. The same for brake fluids too. The mechanics in the service station explain the change in brake fluids and coolants.
  • Tool kit: After complete servicing of the car, the tool kit and other properties are given back genuinely by the car advisors. Other accessories and spare wheels are also safe without missing.
  • Fuel level: Fuel level check by the service advisors is a genuine aspect and they make sure not to misuse it. The same for air conditioning too. The mechanics concentrate on work and quality and hence do not try to misuse any accessories in the car.
  • Odometer reading: People at pit stop explain about odometer readings. To make sure that the car is working perfectly, the mechanics take for a test drive for about 2-3kms. In the case of the head gasket and engine hauling scenarios, a long test drive is mandatory. In such cases, the odometer reading averts car misuse.
  • Condition of tyres: Though service advisors provide the best service and best replacement of parts. It is smart to have a look at the wheels in case you made a request for a wheel change. Checking the replacement of new tyres and other aspects is good.
  • A test drive with the car advisor: All customers are eager to get their car and drive away in a hurry. But it is always advisable to go for a test drive with the service advisor and check is the running is smooth and all changes are made. It’s the minor issues that always grow and make issues worse. Hence checking it with the car advisor would be satisfying.

Getpitstop makes sure to follow all the above points and satisfy the customer in all ways.


The main mistake all owners do is that they do not service the car for long periods and keep it idle for many days. In that case, getpitstop.com has a number of flexible options. The service executives come to your doorstep and take your car for servicing.

Doors pick up of the car and door delivery is an excellent option for busy and working professionals. Also, payments and other aspects are online hassle-free. With such awesome service methods, owners never fail to service their cars in their lifetime.