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car seat safety tips

A car seat is, by far, one of the most important purchase decisions that you can make for your child. I remember when I was pregnant with Aidan and I had absolutely no idea where to start when it came down to selecting the right car seat. I registered for a car seat that I chose just because I liked the design. Looking back, I was such a fool! But who could blame me? I had no idea what I was doing! Now that I am a “seasoned” mommy, I know the importance of a great car seat. Above all, I know the importance of car seat safety.

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5 Car Seat Safety Tips For Parents

  1. Backseat Is Best: Always secure your child in the back seat of your vehicle. The back seat is absolutely the safest place for your child under the age of 12, especially considering air bag deployment.
  2. Rear Facing vs. Front Facing: This is one of the most widely asked questions in the parenting world. While the question of rear facing or front facing relies heavily on the laws in your state. Personally, we kept Aidan rear facing until he was 2 years old and over 20 pounds. Rear facing is best for your child’s head, neck and spine.
  3. Seat Belt vs. LATCH: All car seats can be secured in their respective vehicles using the car’s seat belt. This method is safe, as long as the seat belt is fastened securely and there is no slack in the seat belt. Pull the seat belt all the way until the lock mechanism kicks in. The LATCH system eliminates the need for seat belt use. The LATCH snaps right in to the frame of the vehicle. Most new model vehicles come equipped with this feature. The LATCH method ensures safe and secure placement of your car seat.
  4. Harness Placement: Be sure the car seat harness is secured over your child’s shoulders. The harness is too loose if they are slipping down your child’s shoulders. The harness should be snug, with attention paid to the type of clothing that your child is wearing. Always avoid buckling your child up wearing thick coats or sweaters, as they will decompress in the event of an accident and the harness will become too large. The chest clip should always go straight across the chest and be at armpit level.
  5. Comfort: Your child isn’t going to be afraid to make it known when they are uncomfortable. There is nothing worse than a crying or whining child in the back seat while you are trying to focus on the road. According to a recent study by the American Baby and Safe Kids Worldwide, new moms are 300% more likely to get into an accident than other drivers.

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We invested in an all-in-one car seat by Evenflo when we decided to front face Aidan. We purchased it two years ago and still have and use it to this day. Since Chris’ work schedule has changed, we are doing more driving than we used to. With my growing belly, it has become increasingly difficult to move the car seat between cars. We decided it was best to begin using another all-in-one car seat in our secondary vehicle. Since we are already using the Evenflo Symphony 65, I was thrilled to try the Evenflo ProComfort Symphony™ DLX.

Car seat safety tips for parents
This car seat is honestly like the Cadillac of car seats. Aidan loves his Symphony™ 65, but the DLX is absolutely amazing! The features of this seat beat out the features of any car seat we have looked at. You can tell that Evenflo cares about comfort. Their new Gel Matrix™ Technology is cutting edge, enhancing Aidan’s comfort and seating position. In Florida, hot seat buckles are a real fear. This seat comes with buckle pockets that I can use to tuck the buckle tongues away to prevent them from burning Aidan when he climbs in to his seat. The best part about this seat is that it can be used for children ranging from 5 pounds to 110 pounds, so I will never need another seat for Aidan and I can even use it for our newest addition! The Evenflo ProComfort can be found at Target stores, or online, at a price of $239.99.

What is the most important car seat safety feature for you?