Carmex Lip Protection

I admit, I am a Carmex junkie.  I am addicted to putting on lip balm every night before I go to bed and it has to be Carmex.  I swear, if I miss even one night I will wake up with chapped lips.  I have used it for years.  Carmex comes in these cute little jars, which are .25 oz which last a long time.  Normally I am not a person who likes to put their finger in jars to scoop out moisturizer or lip balm, but it has never bothered me with Carmex.  Probably because I have such a deep rooted love for it!

Lip Protection From The Sun

When I first started using Carmex, it was only available in the jar in the original scent.  Now they offer it in Cherry in the jar, plus a variety of flavors in stick and tube packaging.  Carmex has really expanded their line of products since when I first started with them!  One of their newest flavors is Pomegranate. This particular product is an Ultra Moisturizing stick that has a built in SPF, providing lip protection from the sun.  I love using lip balm with SPF while I am at the pool.  Their lip balm now comes in 6 flavors: original, cherry, strawberry, vanilla, lime, and NEW pomegranate ultra moisturizing.  They also have a product called Moisture Plus; this is an ultra hydrating lip balm that offers a hint of tint.

Benefits of Using Carmex

There are many benefits of using Carmex.

  • It restores moisture to your lips since one of its moisturizing ingredients is Cocoa Butter, a natural emollient.  Since your lips are exposed to the elements every single day, Carmex provides protection.
  • Another one of the natural emollients found in Carmex is Lanolin.  Lanolin is a natural substance that locks in moisture.
  • Carmex is loaded with ingredients to help those poor, abused lips heal.  Ingredients such as Menthol and phenol, both have antiseptic qualities that help to speed healing by killing germs.  Carmex also helps relieve the symptoms of cold sores.

There are a whole variety of other great ingredients that go into formulating Carmex, ingredients I was not even aware of but now realize they are what makes Carmex my favorite lip balm.  If you are in the market for a lip balm that actually works, try Carmex!

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  1. I also have joined the Scott Rewards Program as well as followed My Carmex on Facebook !! Thank you very much !!

  2. Pomegranate and I did the other two tasks of liking on facebook and joining Scott’s Rewards Program

  3. The new lime flavor sound so yummy.
    I joined the Scotts Rewards Program and follow Carmex on facebook.
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  4. pomegranate flavor would be nice to try!
    I joined the Scotts Rewards Program
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  5. The new pomegranate flavor sound so yummy.
    I joined the Scotts Rewards Program and follow Carmex on facebook.
    Please enter me in this giveaway. thank you.

  6. I love the peach flavored…I am following carmex on facebook and I signed up for scotts rewards.

  7. Tell me your favorite flavor in the blog comments below.: My favorite flavor is original.
    Join The Scott Rewards Program: I’ve joined:
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    Thanks for the giveaway!! =)

  8. I absolutely LOVE the Cherry Carmex stick, and will be looking for the Lime Twist! Following Carmex on FB, too 🙂

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  11. Thank you for sharing your review with your readers. Glad you like the new flavor of Carmex.

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    The Carmex Team

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