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I am going to make a confession and I would appreciate you keeping your giggles to a minimum! Until the beginning of this year, I had only flown on a plane twice in my life. It is not that I was afraid to fly, I just never had the occasion to do so. Now that I am back in the business world, I have had the opportunity to travel a bit, which I love doing. I have flown 3 times in the last 6 months and will be doing so again in a few weeks. One thing I an say is that things have changed a lot since I last stepped aboard an airplane in 1992. There are new regulations and security issues, which seem to differ a bit from airport to airport. One thing I have learned pretty quickly is that packing your bags for a trip is an art form! I did not pack well on my trip in January and by my last trip a few weeks ago, I have gotten better. I just have a hard time organizing everything I need and then finding a place for it all in my luggage. Thankfully, Genius Pack has designed carry on luggage that makes travel easier.

Carry On Luggage That Makes Travel Easier

Carry On Luggage That Makes Travel Easier

When I took my first trip, I looked up the specifications for carry on bags and proceeded to get myself one that fit within the guidelines. The issue I had was that all of my stuff did not fit in that bag and I found myself cramming things in every nook and cranny I could find. By the time I got to my hotel, I had squished and wrinkled clothing, flattened cosmetics and my protein bars were obliterated. I learned from that trip I needed to find carry on luggage that makes travel easier. Not only will the bags from Genius Pack make traveling easier, but they are cooler than ice cream! There are more hidden and surprise compartments in this bag than there are secret rooms in a haunted house!

I was sent the 22″ Carry On with the Mobile Charger and I have totally and completely fallen in love. The folks at Genius Pack had spent enough time traveling that they knew the luggage on the market left a lot to be desired. Most bags had a main compartment, maybe a retractable handle and a few side pockets. The resulting design from Genius Pack is a bag that has a place for everything you could ever think of packing. The bag includes:

  • Huge interior compartment for your larger pieces
  • Removable toiletry kit
  • Integrated battery pack so you can recharge your mobile device directly from your luggage
  • Individual zippered compartments for socks, underwear, and your mobile device cords as well as a small pocket for a portable speaker
  • Integrated packing checklist
  • Individual outside pockets for magazines, a drink bottle, an umbrella and a strap for your jacket or sweater
  • A 2″ expandable area for those souvenirs you want to bring home
  • 4 spinner wheels
  • Charging compartment for your mobile device, charger and additional cords and ear buds.

One of the most innovative and honestly, mind blowing features for the Genius Pack carry on is the patent pending Laundry Compression Technology. Inside your bag is a removable laundry bag for your dirty clothes. During your trip, you can access the bag from an outside pocket. This keeps your dirty and clean laundry separated. When you are packing for your return trip, the bag compresses, giving you more room for any additional items you may be bringing back home with you. Then when you get home, you can take the bag out and take it right to the cleaners.  I honestly cannot wait for my upcoming trip so I can use my new Genius Pack carry on bag. You can purchase the carry on as well as backpacks, duffle bags, flight bags, checked luggage and Genius Pack accessories from their website. The 22″ carry on I received retails for $198, and if you want the mobile device charger, the total retail is $224.00

One USA reader will win a Genius Pack 22″ Carry On With Mobile Charger ($224.00)


  1. I love the High Altitude Flight Bag! I travel often, sometimes overseas, and it would be helpful to have everything right at hand for those long overnight flights.

  2. I like the LUG LOC – LUGGAGE LOCATOR I think this device is awesome. Just think how helpful it would be.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 (at)(aol)(dot)(com)

  3. The true sport duffle is my favorite. It looks like I can fit all kinds of gym clothes and accessories in it.

  4. I love the Bundle of the Carry on and the Mobile Charger. That would cover just about anything you need to travel.

  5. CARES kids’ flying harness is an awesome product. Weighs next to nothing and gives my 3 year old frequent flyer a 4point harness on board a plane without carrying a car seat. Genius product.

  6. I don’t travel much but I do need a good bag for when I do. (After 15 years, mine is kaput!) The True Sport Duffle would definitely serve as a good replacement.

  7. I like the LUG LOC- Luggage Locator. My daughter & her fiance went to England and their luggage was lost but thankfully it was found a day later. She could really use this when traveling. I like this carry on luggage too. Thank you 🙂

  8. I love the 22″ Carry-on/mobile charger bundle…I know my husband would swipe up that loud mini speaker in a second, though! Lots of great products!

  9. Wow, their Genius packer carry on seems, well, genius! LOL I can see the danger in me owning a carry-on like this, however- I could, maybe, pack it too heavy for me to lift easily to get it into the overhead compartment!!!!!!

    When will people learn it’s not a carry on if you cannot lift it over your head and place it in the overhead compartment yourself!

  11. I never thought about it, but that carry-on with a mobile charger sounds like something I’d really be able to take advantage of!

  12. My favorite product is definitely the GENIUS PACKER 22″ CARRY ON. It’s the perfect size is is highly functional.

  13. With as many times as I’ve had the airlines lose my luggage, I’m very interested in the LugLoc

  14. My favorite product is the The Entrpreneur, I like lots of things on the site though, some really useful things, thank you.

  15. I like this one. My brother is in the Merchant Marines and travels lots. I would love to win this for him.

  16. I like the Genius 22″ Carry On packer! When I travel I try to minimize what I pack to just one carry on.

  17. I love the HIGH ALTITUDE FLIGHT BAG – great for all the stuff I need (OK, want!) at my seat on the plane.

  18. I love the 22″ carry on, but the 28″ extensive is more practical for me. My daughter’s things are always packed with mine (for now) so the extra space is crucial. And so many amazing features.

  19. My husband loved the carry -on with the charger. The chargers at most airports are too slow, if they work at all.

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