Imagine a quaint festival nestled in the heart of a once-Roman, now-French city teeming with activity and wafts of fresh baked goods and lavender aplenty coupled with the fruit of honor, the Cavaillon melon.

cavillon melon festival

Everywhere you looked there was a melon purpose. Endless pairings with goats, ducks, and assorted meats and cheeses, the Cavaillon melon was a huge hit on a summer day in France.


The ruins from the Roman times cast a shadow on this history-rich town from the God Mithras.


As part of the Bliss Travels exclusive experience, we were able to tour a private home where we saw items dating back BC.

Our travel group even got to see a bull show front and center for all the gory details.

farm animals

What festival is complete without games of luck to tempt your skills.

The treats were aplenty. So many choices to choose from, we could have browsed the market lining the streets of the festival all day.

Tuscany & Provence
June 24-July 4th or 6th, 2017
Small trip, personalized. Private guides.

Bliss Travels specializes in providing their guests with insider access and off the beaten track experiences. Bliss Travels always highlight on the great foods and wines of the region, including Chateauneuf du Pape. In addition, they will customize the trips to focus on the things that most interest their guests. Sometimes the focus will be on photography, sometimes on art. Other times we focus on history or ruins. What will the focus of your trip be? You can contact Wendy here and follow our journey at #seeustrip #BlissFR on Facebook & Twitter.

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