Use House Plants For Cleaner Indoor Air

One of the most loved parts of any beautiful landscape would be the foliage. There is something about relaxing in the outdoors while surrounded by beautiful flowers, plants, trees and other flora. There is a serene calmness that seems to be attached to these integral parts of nature that people gravitate to. Many people try to get a slice of that beauty by bringing it indoors. One of the biggest sellers in the garden department at your home store is the house plant section. You may not know this, but many folks use house plants for cleaner indoor air. The reason for this is many plants have the ability to remove toxins from the air, ergo making it better air for you. Some of the most popular for this purpose are the fern, palm, dracaena, lily, fig and water plant. One niche that is gaining popularity is online sales of live house plants and an industry leader is Costa Farms.

Costa Farms has  mission statement that really does say it all about them and explains why they are a leader in their field. It states, “To develop the best Team in the industry, create Solutions for our customers and position ourselves to capitalize on Growth opportunities”. In 1961, Jose Costa, Sr. bought 30 acres in Miami and grew tomatoes in the winter and the exotic Calamondin orange in the summer. His business grew and in 1973 he purchased property in the Dominican Republic. In addition, they have locations in North and South Carolina and China.Today, the company boasts 4,200 acres and 2,800 employees. One of their most popular areas of the business is their Houseplant Division.

Costa Farms is involved in an effort to spread the word that plants provide clean and fresh indoor air. This grassroots campaign called “O2 for You: Houseplants with a purpose”, is an initiative to make your home, work place and our schools have cleaner indoor air. I was sent a variety of indoor house plants, including a 10-inch Boston Fern, a 6-inch Dracaeana, a 5-inch orchid, and a 4-inch parlor palm, all in pots. The plants are full, fresh, vibrant and healthy. The pots are top notch and just tie in the whole look of the plants. I love the look of live house plants in my home and these beautiful additions are just perfect for my decor. It is also great to know that these plants will help my family breathe easier by removing toxins from the air.

One USA reader will win 4 live indoor house plants ($42.00) from Costa Farms


  1. I like the Orchid and they are really a lot easier to care for than most people know.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  2. I would like the fig tree because my last name is Figueiredo and it means grower of the figs how awesome

  3. I have many books on the Bonsai, but to be honest, I haven’t had a chance to start my hobby. I’m currently growing one of the Aerogardens and have my first salad greens plant. That is very exiting! I’m also hoping to try some orchids soon.
    Thanks for the chance!

  4. The Boston fern in my favorite! I do not have any house plants yet ( just moved into my first home) so I’d love to win this!

  5. I would love the Dracaeana! I used to have one and it grew so nice for me. I gave it away when I moved 🙁

  6. I’d love to have one of their Lucky Bamboo plants- Ive always thought bamboo is pretty- and hey anything lucky sounds like an added bonus lol

  7. I have a huge garden and LOVE to garden. Having many plant varieties it is hard to pick one…some of my faves are Orchids, especially Vanda’s and Dendrobiums…also love Hibiscus and anything that vines like the madavilla’s in pink/yellow.

  8. I like the Gerbera jamesonii (Gerber Daisy). They come in many colors; orange color is so beautiful. These indoor house plants are one of the best house plants for improving indoor air quality.

  9. I love ALL the houseplants, but I especially like the fern, and I’ve got just the place for it! 😉

  10. i followed the link in the review link in gt form not working. i’d like a nice aloe vera. useful and attractive.

  11. I kept trying to open the link that said plants. This did not work . So out of four you are showing I like the parlor palm.

  12. I have always enjoyed Peace Lilies. Not only do they filter chemicals from the air, they look great eve when not in bloom.

  13. The Neon Pothos is a fun pop of color as we move into fall/winter! If I won these plants I would bring them into my workplace where we have a plant wall

  14. I am a fern fanatic, so my first choice would be a variety of fern I don’t have. If not, I would love an orchid

  15. i love orchids that are so pretty!! thank you for the chance to win,i am a new founder of love of flowers and plants..

  16. I cant get the link to work. So I will have to say, I love plants that produce fruits or veggies. I usually have a tomatoe plant in a pot in the dinning room during the winter months.

  17. I love succulents like Jade plants – they are very forgiving. Even I, with my black thumb, manage to keep them alive!

  18. So many choices–for indoors i adore
    Outdoors depends on the season early spring–anemones (didn’t see them on the site)
    then come daffodils and tulips, poppies and peonies.

  19. I love all plants, lol – I have a carnivorous collection from around the world. Costa has some lovely Bromeliads I would love to have!

  20. I like the parlor palms a lot. Houseplants are a great way to help redecorate any room and make it look special.

  21. My favorite type of plant is a Bonsai. I love the many different looks of them, plus they are great for collecting.

  22. My favorite plant is, well I don’t have just one favorite Sorry. I love AfricanViolets, Lavender, and Orchids. And there are a lot more. I love plants!

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