Celebrate Milestones In Life

When you get older, so many things change from when you are a child. We get straddled with so much responsibility, it can be overwhelming. As children, we mark so many milestones like our first words, first steps, losing our first tooth, riding a bike, and so on. Sometimes we seem to celebrate so many milestones with our kids, there is a “mini milestone” happening just about every other day! As adults, those milestones diminish greatly! We get a job, get married, perhaps have a baby or two and that is about it! Do you have any milestones coming up this year, either for the young kid, teen or adult in your family? If so, here are just a few ways to mark them:

4 Ideas For Celebrating Milestones

4 Ideas For Celebrating Milestones

  1. Throw A Party: Almost everyone loves a good party, so throwing one for a milestone is always a good idea. Whether it be a first birthday, making the honor roll at school or a new job, party like a rock star!
  2. Go Out On The Town: Of course going out has a different slant depending on your age. For the younger kids, going to a favorite restaurant or ice cream parlor is just perfect to celebrate milestones in life. For an adult, a meal in a trendy restaurant which is hard to get into would be a huge hit!
  3. Visit A Favorite Spot: For the little ones, this may be a local park, the aquarium or maybe the movies to celebrate that special event. For the grown ups, this may be visiting a favorite art exhibit, going to the spa or that special location where an event took place, like an engagement.
  4. Keeping It In The Family: Sometimes the best way to celebrate is just with the immediate family. This may be a night in where you order your favorite foods and then pop some popcorn and watch a favorite movie or TV show. No matter what you do, what matters is doing it with the people you love.

This month, Netflix has compiled a list of movies and TV episodes that highlight a variety of milestones in our lives. Whatever “firsts” your family is celebrating this fall, Netflix can relate and it shows. There are a ton of titles you can stream from Netflix for the entire family. Do you have a wedding or a baby in your future? Netflix has programming like My Fair Wedding with celebrated wedding planner David Tutera or the hilarious movie, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” For the younger kids, there is always a milestone to celebrate on favorite Netflix shows like Arthur or Super Why!

One great idea for remembering those milestones, is to make a keepsake box. This craft is something the whole family can participate in, making it even more memorable. With the DIY Milestone Memory Box from Kelly Ladd Sanchez, your kids can secure their favorite childhood treasures, souvenirs, photos and other memorabilia. Netflix is super easy to stream and it is affordable for virtually every budget. You can stream Netflix through your TV, tablet, smartphone, gaming system or computer for less then $10 a month! You can watch your favorite shows while you are in the carpool lane, at the doctors office or while relaxing at home. Be sure to follow Netflix on Facebook and Twitter.