tess hot dog
July is National Hot Dog Month so enjoy the long dog days of summer and heat up the stove or the grill. Everybody loves a dog and Gwaltney recipes has some fun ideas that are sure to put a little light in their eyes. Just check out the recipe section! Whether cooking for a summer pool party, sleep over , or a beach picnic, Gwaltney Hot Dogs are made of quality pork for that famous flavor you have come to crave. I always prefer a pork dog over a beef one.

Sure, the classic hot dog is a perfect thing of beauty but there’s always room for improvement and some days call for a little creativity. Look over these fun recipes and see what kind of party you can start in your own backyard.

octopus Hot Dog

The Octopus Dog is super cute and easy to make. You can have your kids eating a tasty, seafaring meal in minutes. Just serve over spaghetti and you are good to go.

octopus hot dogsAll you have to do is cut a Gwaltney hot dog in half length-wise, but make sure to leave the head untouched at the top. You can accomplish this by leaving about an inch at the top of the hot dog. Cut the bottom portion lengthwise again. This will create four legs which you will halve once more like in the picture above.  Drop your new octupus friends in boiling water (right along with the spaghetti) and cook as you normally would. If you want to get cute, you can add a face with condiments.

hot dog squid

These Squid Dogs are just as simple to make. Cut each hot dog into small inch long pieces (about 4-5) . Then spear each hot dog with 5- 7 raw spaghetti pieces as shown in the picture below.

squid hot dogsNext, cook the squid dogs in boiling water according to spaghetti instructions. Once the spaghetti has cooked thoroughly, plate and serve!