Happy Superhero Day! What better way to celebrate such a day than with PowerCapes! My boys love playing with their capes and dressing up like superheros. You can find them soaring around the house and the yard all times of the day zooming and turning and saving Fenway, our dog, from the villains (the bugs) in our backyard or from the evil older brother (only when paying), Billy! You can check out my boys wishing you a Happy Superhero Day in the video below after I could get them to quit zooming around! They said Happy Superhero Day and just kept on going. Every time they wear these capes, I cannot get them to stop.

We had fun creating our own Superhero capes online. Jakobi sat in my lap and picked out every feature of his green cape down to the sparkle on his J. He picked the colors, the shape in the middle, the size and even was able to push the button to be able to purchase it. Go ahead try it yourself. Click the picture below to begin creating your very own customized Superhero cape for Superhero Day! Custom Superhero capes make great gifts or even the perfect I Love You present for your child.  You can have your cape customized so they can be a REAL superhero just how they pictured themselves to be!  I had a great time watching Jakobi go through the process of deciding who he wanted to be. They have a wide selection of colors for you to choose from, and they are so sure you’ll come up with the perfect custom cape they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  No worries though, everything is sewn on real well and made with top quality material. Get ready to fight the villains in your home today! for under $25 including shipping you can be your child’s hero 🙂

superhero day