Hand Painted Glasses

Hand Painted Glasses

A cute birthday gift is hand painted glasses? I think as I have gotten older, my birthdays have become less important to me as each year passes.  To be honest, I was never a big birthday person as a child either.  My sister and I are 11.5 months apart; her birthday on 12/1 and mine on 12/15.  Guess what happened every year?  Not only did we share a birthday party, but as they were so close to Christmas, we often got “combination” birthday/Christmas gifts.  What a gip!!  I think I was so used to sharing my birthday as a child, I continued to play it down as an adult.  My oldest daughter Chelsea has her birthday in August and has always loved celebrating her birthday.  She loves it so much that when she was 10 and Henry was born on 8/17, she was really angry that I had the nerve to let her brother be born in HER month!!  Yes, she really said that!  Have you seen the new trend for adult birthday celebrations?  How about hand painted party ware?

Lolita Glasses is a precious company that specializes in hand painted wine, martini and pilsner glasses as well as a line of acrylic party-ware, cocktail napkins and bottle totes.  One of the best things about Lolita’s Glasses is the variety of items as well as the individualization that comes with hand painted products.  If you order a hand painted glass from Lolita’s collection, you will get one that is the same as any other.  To add a bit of extra pizazz to your glass, they are shipping in their unique signature gift boxes.
Custom Made Glasses

Custom Made Wine Glasses

What a better way to toast your birthday than with custom made wine glasses?  The Love My Birthday Month is the latest clever collection from Lolita Glasses (retailed at $23.95).  Why stop at celebrating your birthday for just one day?  Why not celebrate all month long with your hand painted, one-of-a-kind Birthday Month glass.  I love the idea of this concept and was more than happy to review the wine glass for the month of May.  I know the pictures cannot do this adorable glass justice.  You will just have to trust me that it is so unique and cute that you are going to want one!!  I have already had 3 so called friends try to rob me of my glass, one of whom does not have her birthday in June!!  I guess if they want to party like its 1999, they need to get their own glass!! To make the glass even more special, each month comes with a different cocktail recipe!

One winner will receive a Celebrate Your Birthday Month glass (retailed at $23.95)

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