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I get clogged pores very easily in my t-zone and now that I am hitting 40, I am paying more attention to my skin. Pores can get clogged with things like  makeup, dirt, and lotion. When they get trapped, they cause skin problems like white or blackheads or acne. For some people, getting a blackhead or pimple can be quite painful. Another problem with clogged pores is that the oil and sweat you naturally excrete can’t get out, so it backs up on your skin. The most common areas to get clogged pores are the forehead, top of the nose and chin, or as it is commonly referred to as the t-zone.  In order to keep your skin from getting clogged pores, you need to find a product that will unclog them, and remove and prevent black and whiteheads.One company whose skin care line helps women with these skin problems and irritations is Cellnique. The b.liv line from Cellnique can help take care of prevent skin problems like oily skin and blackheads, whiteheads and acne.

Cellnique b.liv Off With Those Heads

For oily skin like mine and for people with those painful blemishes, Cellnique b.liv Off With Those Heads can help.  The gel is cool and soothing on your skin and within 14 days of daily applications, you can see a change in your skin. Off With Those Heads removes black and whiteheads as well as prevent them from coming back and gets your oily skin under control. Off With Those Heads is easy to use and is non-irritating and pain free.  A second product from b.liv that will control my oily skin as well as protect it from the suns harmful rays is Got Me Covered sunblock and foundation.

Because I live in Florida it is important to protect my skin from the suns harmful UV rays. With the 35 SPF in Got Me Covered, I have coverage and protection for my skin. While protecting my skin from the sun, Got Me Covered also gives my skin a bright and even skin tone. The matte cream is lightweight, controls your oily skin and does not clog your pores. The creators from Cellnique designed their b.liv skin care line to give women a chance to believe in themselves and motivate them to make a difference in their skin as well as in their life. The name b.liv, which is “believe” and “live” put together, wants women everywhere to “live the moment”. You can purchase the b.liv Off With Those Heads for $63 and Got Me Covered for $32 on their website along with their other products.