Have you ever gazed at the royal portraits of the regal people and have dreamt of wearing clothes like them? Have you ever longed to don the clothes having animal print all over? We can hear you saying “Yes” in a slight voice, and here we bring to you a medium to fulfill that dream of yours. Let your animalistic side get unleashed as you don these new prints that let you go closer to the animal kingdom and feel like in the lap of nature. The fabrics have fun and flirty animal prints, which are eye-catching and can enliven your wardrobe soon. Add some sizzle to your attire as you don the clothes having an amazing animal print. Let’s familiarize you with a few famous prints.

Pony print

As a child, you must have adored ponies in cartoon films and even in reality. The ponies that were adulation during childhood can soon become your best friends. So much so, that you would yearn to be just like them. And this is where clothes with pony prints can add to your delight. The mink pony print comes in mix of ivory and brown color. This animal print is just next to mind-blowing. Feel like a child again by draping yourself in pony skin and elating the kids all around you. Who says that kids should all the fun? Go, revel outside like a child and spread joy all around.

Cow print

Get ready to roam around like a bovine and shout aloud “Moo”! The mink cow print comes in the form of black patches on white background. This kind of cloth is perfect for fancy dress competitions and for special occasions. No wonder, you will become the talk of the town very soon and may even earn loads of followers. In case you want to set yourself apart from all those who buy prints of wild animals, then this animal print is the best choice to go ahead for.

Baby giraffe

If you want your personality to be portrayed as one who stands tall and high, then the first animal print that you need is the giraffe print in cappuccino color. This baby giraffe print is just stupefying and can be a great shot for the fancy dress contests of your children. Make your kids stand out of the crowd and create a niche for themselves through their dress with this giraffe print. Moreover, such prints can also come handy if you are spreading awareness about animals and their issues. These prints will be just perfect for sending the message across clearly and touching the hearts of people without saying much vocally.

Leopard print

And here is the time to show your beast nature and prove that you are the ruler of your territory. Get the leopard print attire and roam around the king of your territory. Fearlessness and authority is what this print conveys loud and clear. If you are wondering when the best time is to use this print, then think Halloween! No wonder, you will scare the life out of people with this print donned over your body. This is a great print for kids too as they show to their friends and peers who is the bravest in the class.

Animal prints are not a new concept, but they are getting better and diverse with each passing day. And it is your time to cash in on this trend right away. Is there something stopping you from buying them? We heard you, “absolutely not!”.