Chelbies etsy shop is out to help change the world into a better place through her positive plaques. I was so excited when Chelbies agreed to do a review with me on their Be Inspired to do Good Plaque.  I’m a firm believer that when you see positivity, you do positivity. Through the artwork of Chelbies, love surrounds your home, place of business or wherever your positive plaque resides.

Chelbies sent me Be Inspired to do Good Plaque. This plaque is outstanding! The amount of thought and work that has gone into this piece of art is divine! As soon as I opened by perfectly packaged piece of mail, I had to show my sister and my parents. I knew they would be just as pleased as I was, and they were. The plaque is black and has several sizes of yellow and grey vinyl decal dots. On top middle of the black plaque was a tile. The tile has been painted with shades of grey. I must say this was my favorite part of the plaque. The detail was beautiful! I tried to capture it in the picture I took for this review. I must have admired the details at least three times a day since I’ve gotten it. On top the tile are yellow vinyl letters that say Be Inspired to Do Good. A beautiful grey with yellow accents daisy was then placed above the title. A yellow hanging ribbon made the final touches for this plaque. Although it may look as if the ribbon is holding the plaque, the hardware attached to the back of the plaque is what is holding up this artwork. I hung the Inspired to do Good Plaque by the door coming in and out of the garage. This is the place I enter and leave my house every day and I thought this would probably be the best for me to remember to “be inspired to do good”.

Chelbies has several handmade pieces of art that display inspirational quotes. They all have different styles and themes. This store is great for adding beautiful accent pieces to your home and office.

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