If you are a woman who is a size 12 and below, you probably have pretty good success finding cute and chic clothes. If you are a woman in the above size 14 range, you have probably had quite the opposite. I know I am 50 but I am not quite ready to be wearing house coats, mumus and polyester track suits. I am also not ready to wear that same “V” or scoop neck shirt that looks like a tent with some cute fabric flowers on it. Who are these people who are designing these plus size clothing? Apparently not the cutting edge fashionistas that I know us full figured girls truly are! I have a trip coming up soon and I needed some professional and chic clothing for plus size women. I am so glad that we can shop at yummy stores like Citychiconline.com. If you want to find clothing in just about every color, cut, style and category, this is the place to go.

Chic Clothing For Plus Size Women

I will tell you that I was beginning to panic when I started shopping for this trip. I am going for business and I will be putting pictures on the blog. The last thing I want people to see me in is some frumpy pant suit that my Gram wears! When I visited Citychiconline.com, I was immediately impresses at the huge selection of chic clothing for plus size women they offer. The mission for this company, established in 2007,  is to help celebrate beautiful women with curves by providing them with gorgeous clothing. There is no reason that the 14 and up group cannot wear clothing that is hot and trending and Citychiconline.com gives us just that.

The clothing from Citychiconline.com is sexy, glam, chic, figure flattering and all around doggone awesome! I was sent the Petal Posey Wrap Dress in black and it is simply breathtaking. The bodice has the traditional wrap look but fits well instead of being really big. I hate getting a “V” neck dress that gapes in the chest. I have an adequate bust size but I am not Dolly Parton folks! The beautiful fabric posies adorn the bottom of the dress, adding so much elegance. The dress fits like a glove, is sexy but demure and perfect for my trip. Since I gained all this extra weight die to my injury, I have felt anything but beautiful. I spend most of my days in pajama pants and t-shirts. When I slipped this dress on, it was the first time I have felt beautiful in 3 years. It made me cry a little! My husband whistled, my daughter clapped and my son said if I was nto his mom, I was pretty enough to marry!. Enough said! You can purchase the Petal Posey Wrap Dress for $178.00 from the Citychiconline.com website.

One USA reader will win he Petal Posey Wrap Dress for ($178.00), depending on availability. A substitution may be necessary if stock is out.