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Chic Eyeglasses For Women And Men At Almost Half Price

Have you ever watched movies or television from 50+ years ago and noticed the glasses people wore? It is so funny to see men seemed to wear those thick black rectangular glasses and the women wore cat eyeglasses. Can you believe how much the eyeglasses industry has changed? Instead of glasses being something that was a necessity has now become a fashion accessory. I know a lot of people who have several pairs of eyeglasses because they change them out to match the outfit they are wearing. Now, the downside of this path would be how expensive eyeglasses can be. If you look around, you can find prices that can go from an average of $50 or more to hundreds of dollars. If you would like to find chic eyeglasses for women and men that are affordable, ICU Eyewear is a great place to “look” into! With prices starting at $23.95, you can stock up on several pairs for all of your favorite outfits!

Chic Eyeglasses For Women And Men

Gone are the days when “Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers?” was a bad thing. Now that the perception on wearing glasses has changed, it is now fashion forward to wear them. In fact, if you visit your local accessory department in your favorite store, you will probably find a section with glasses with plain lenses.  The folks at ICU Eyewear take their customer’s needs very seriously and want to give you the best prices on the best looking glasses. Currently, they are seeking your help in curating their line of chic eyeglasses for men and women. With your input on your favorites from the men’s Dr. Dean line or the ladies Winky line, you can help make an impact on upcoming styles.

Did you have a Dr. Dean in your life that may have been a stylish guy that was more classic that flashy? My dad was almost exactly like the dad on “Leave It To Beaver” and I never saw him without a pressed shirt and tie when he left the house. To this day, I will not let me husband go anywhere if he does not have a clean and pressed shirt on. What about the woman in your life that was fashion forward and always made a fashion statement? My mom was and still is a huge fashionista. She will not go to the grocery store without full makeup, a nice outfit with stylish shoes and matching accessories. When I was growing up, If my sisters or I dared leave the house without being completely pulled together, we were sent back into the house to try again! When you head over to the ICE Eyewear homepage, you can vote for your favorite style form 7 pairs in the Dr. Dean line as well as 7 from the Winky line. Each person who votes will receive a 40% coupon to use on the ICU Eyewear site.


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