Child Up Early Learning Game Cards

I have been looking for educational games for my four year old son, Tate, and was happy to discover the Child Up Early Learning Game Cards.  Its hard to keep my active four year old sitting long enough to do any sort of formal educational.   I need to make sure that every learning experience is fun and engaging for him.  If he thinks he is playing a game with me, I have a better chance of him sitting down and focusing on what we are working on.  I have tried educational books and videos but he seems to do better with cards and games.

Early Learning Tools for Toddlers

The Child Up Early Learning Game Cards are excellent early learning tools for toddlers.  The two packs of cards that I was sent for review are the “Teach Your Child to Count to 10” and “Teach your Child to Count to 20”.  These cards were designed for both boys and girls, ages 1 to 5.   The “Teach Your Child to Count to 10” pack includes 64 cards; 16 parent cards and 48 child’s cards.  The 16 parent cards include information on the learning game cards as well as topics such as “Both parents as role models”, “Parents are First Teachers” and “Learning as a Routine”.  This first set of cards is designed to teach numbers 0 to 10, numbers as quantities and symbols and the first steps with addition.  The “Teach your Child to Count to 10” cards help develop your child’s math, logic, listening, memory, attention, concentration, language and social skills while having fun!  The “Teach Your Child to Count to 20” cards also include the 48 child’s cards as well as the 16 parent cards.  The parents cards cover different topics than the previous pack, including “”Memory and Concentration Development”, “Building Vocabulary and Words” and “Listening to Your Children”.  This second set of cards is designed to teach numbers 10 to 20, odd and even numbers, first additions and subtractions as well as categorizing, sorting and comparing.  The “Teach Your Child to Count to 20” cards continue to emphasize and improve skills such as math, logic, listening and concentration.

Educational Card Games

The best thing about these educational card games from Child Up is that they are fun!  The cards are colorful and also picture different popular animals to help with counting!  The numbers are large and clear on the cards so that they are easy to read.  There are also the same number of animals on the card coordinating with the number so my son can work on his counting, as well as number recognition.  My four year old son, Tate, had so much fun putting all the cards in order by counting the animals on the cards.  He is also every interested in science so he enjoyed listening to descriptions of the animals on the back of the cards!  The Child Up Early Learning Card Game is a fun and educational way to teach kids about numbers!

Child Up was developed in 2005 to provide tools and education to parents to help raise successful, balanced children.  Child Up offers solutions and tools for parenting, early childhood development and early learning.  Their early educational tools include Teach Your Child to Count to 10, Teach Your Child to Count to 20, Foundations of Math and Logic, Interactive Reading and Multilingual Development.   They also offer online tutorials regarding child behavior management.  Follow them on Facebook for more informative educational articles!

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