Fezzy Wog

Childrens Book Catch & Release A Fezzy Wog Adventure by Christy Eichers

Reading time at our house is always interesting. I was able to review the new children’s book, Catch & Release A Fezzy Wog Adventure by Christy Eichers. It’s a Fezzy Wog adventure to say the very least. The main charachter is a frog named Fezzy Wog, and he considers himself a regreet frog. For all those nature lover’s out there who have pet frogs this is the perfect book for them. It tells a story about a frog finding a friend and going on an adventure throughout the day. They go swimming, dancing, singing, eat ice cream and then eventually hopping off to visit another friend to continue the Fezzy Wog Adventures.

Adventure Books for Kids

This story is adorable, my daughter enjoyed reading the book and seeing all of Fezzy Wog’s adventures. Her favorite part of the book was when they ate ice cream because that’s one of her favorite things to do!  The illustration in the book is super cute and we loved all the vivid colors used.  At the end of the book, there is a little frog (laminated plastic for durablility), its your own little Fezzy Wog. It has a section for you to name your frog and it asks you to register your frog and send it on to someone else to enjoy. The code on the frog is its identity and you can log on to fezzywog.com and track your frog’s trip across the country or even world. I can’t wait to look up all the different places our frog will travel.

Interactive childrens books

Interactive children’s books are so wonderful, they really spark the imagination in children and adults alike. My daughter thought it would be a great idea to send her Fezzy Wog named “Happy” to her cousin Bodhi who is in Sri Lanka visiting his family for a few months.  I think he will be so surprised to get mail while he is on vacation and especially this wonderful book and frog, he loves nature!  I love the fact that our Fezzy Wog will travel internationally on his first trip and I will look forward to tracking him and seeing where he ends up.

You can purchase a copy of Catch & Release A Fezzy Wog Adventure for $9.99 on their website or on Amazon. What a wonderful gift for a child in your life, its the gift that will keep on giving!  Check them out on Facebook!