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Dino Dan Dino Trackers DVD

One of my daughter’s favorite TV station’s is Nick Jr. and she longs to watch her favorite show Dino Dan.  When I was given the opportunity to review the Dino Dan Dino Trackers DVD I jumped on it.  I was surprised when she took such a liking to the show Dino Dan, I guess I always think that little boys are more into Dinosaurs than girls but I was sadly mistaken.  She began to play pretend Dinosaurs with her dolls, draw dinosaurs and then she actually went out into the yard to see if she could spot a dinosaur of her own!  I knew she was hooked and having the DVD is wonderful because we can take it in the car on long rides.

Action Packed Stories

The Dino Dan – Dino Trackers DVD includes 5 action packed stories that lead Dan a very curious boy on adventures with the dinosaurs only he can see living around him.  The stories take place at Dino Dan’s school and at home mostly.  Name-A-Saurus is about Dan discovering a new dinosaur and his quest to name the dinosaur (Using the 3 ways to choose a name: name it after the person who discovered it, name it after where it was discovered or name it after one of its features).  It ends up that the one he discovered was already discovered but that didn’t stop him, he went out in search of another dinosaur to discover.  To Flee or Not to Flee is about when a smaller dinosaur gets confronted with the T-Rex will they stay and defend themselves or run.  During class they acted out the scenes and pretended to be dinosaurs, all the while Dan is conducting an experiment to get the answer to whether or not the smaller dinosaurs would flee.  There’s a Compsognathus Under My Bed is about a dino living under Dan’s bed, he realized it when he dropped a dog treat on the floor and the dino came out and swiped it.  So he tries to lure it out with more treats, when he gets caught by his mom and she realizes that her shoes have gone missing.  Dan thinks the dinosaur is stealing her shoes.  Dino Trackers is about a dinosaur Dan finds and needs to figure out which one it is.  He misses the opportunity to take a picture, so he sets off with his brother to track it.  He describes to his brother what to look out for and tries to get him to be quiet because he will scare of the dinosaur and never get the picture.  They come upon footprints and marks on a tree.  They end up getting a peek when his brother makes tons of noise scaring it out of hiding.  And lastly, Mini-Dino is about Dan and his friend playing mini golf when he hits it off the course a mini-dino steals his golf ball (Dan’s Dad colored the golf ball to look like a dino egg).  He sets off to find his special golf ball and the mini dino who went on an adventure chasing it around the mini golf course.  Dino Dan keeps a book (Dino Field Guide) of all his findings, which includes drawings, names and facts about the dinosaurs (I love that he uses a dictaphone to record his findings in the field).  Dino Dan has a vivid imagination that the people in his life support and love.  I think it’s so important to emphasis children’s imaginations and support them in their interests.  The great thing about these stories is that they are appropriate for any age, my daughter is 4 and to say she really enjoys them is an understatement.  Recently when my parents were over, my Dad watched with her and he learned a lot of interesting facts about dinosaurs.  For instance, did you know that “A T-Rex could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in one bite” and “a Brachiosaurus could live up to one hundred years and weighs up to 80 tons”?  Interesting isn’t it?  You can purchase this DVD a local retailer near you for $12.99.  NCircle Entertainment also has a full line of DVDs including: Mighty Machines, The Gruffalo and The Wiggles.  Check them out on Facebook for their most recent releases!

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