chocreate chocolateDrooling yet?  Doesn’t this just look oh so yummy!  Choccreate lets you create the chocolate you want.  What a perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day or for a creative Easter basket addition.  Choccreate has three delicious choices of German chocolate to start with: white, milk or dark.  I have always been partial to the dark and was thrilled to see so many choices to add to it!  90+ choices.  Watch the video and see what choices I selected. **Jakobi is singing Happy Birthday Jakobi because his birthday is the day before mine.
I know I say it is my birthday, but I mean week/hee ok month 🙂 I love my birthday and teach my children to celebrate the beginning of their life all month long…like me 🙂 So APRIL is my birthday. One of the chocolate bars above has a candy candle holder in it, fitting don’t you think?
Each candy bar is handmade with love and crafted to your specifications.  Then it is wrapped in this cute little box and shipped in a thermal pack to protect it from the heat.  Mine made it all the way from Las Vegas to South Florida in perfect unmelted shape.  It looked so good when it arrived, I had to eat a bite off of each candy bar before my batteries charged on my camera.  Shame on me …bad chocoholic! These bars are a little on the pricey side, but the combination of crazy creations and the fine quality of the chocolate make these Chocreate bars worth every penny!


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