Choose The Right Holiday Card

Can you believe the holidays are literally around the corner? I know, me either! For me, once Halloween is on the horizon, it seems like a fast moving train is taking me straight to Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those 4-6 weeks, I am busy getting the house ready for entertaining my family and friends for our holiday meals and parties. This is the time I am also on the lookout for gifts, holiday decorations and one of my favorites, greeting cards. I absolutely love to give cards because for me, unlike a big meal, it is something tangible the recipient can keep to remember that holiday. When it comes to how to choose the right holiday card, I have a few guidelines I try to follow. These tips have helped me send the perfect card year after year.

4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Holiday Card

4 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Holiday Card

  1. Quality Is Important: Because this is a keepsake, I do not skimp on the quality of the card. I want the card to be made of high quality paper with top notch printing and ink and if we do a photo, a crystal clear image on a lovely background.
  2. Consider The Message: When you are sending a card, you want to think hard about the message you are sending. I seem to alternate between sentimental sayings and something funny. It really depends on who I am sending the card to. I tend to send a more mature card to business associates and older family members, while a silly card is perfect for the rest of my family and friends.
  3. Order Early: I have been caught in a pinch when I waited too late to order my cards, forcing me to go the store bough route. I am not big on pre-printed store bought cards because I thing they ooze cheesiness to the person you send it to. It is like I did not care enough to take the time and send a really nice card. The earlier you send a card, the more likely they are to be shown off and kept for years to come.
  4. Be Unique: Because I hate the store bought cards, I try to find a company who offers a really unique card. For me, that company, hands down, is Minted, the premier marketplace for quality holiday cards.


With Minted, you get cards designed by exceptional artists and designers from all over the world. If you are as choosy about your holiday cards as I am, you will absolutely appreciate the great variety of designs and options. Because Minted uses the talented indie artists they scour the world for, they give a chance to these talented artisans to be seen by the masses. This allows the artists to get the exposure they deserve and the ability to build their careers where they otherwise would not have this opportunity. Minted produces and sells the winning designs, paying the designer a commission on every sale. In addition to their wonderful holiday cards, Minted offers a wide array of stationery wall art and decor for the home. When I was choosing my holiday cards from Minted, I initially thought I would create one of the Christmas photo cards or Holiday photo cards.

I went through all of my family photos from the prior year and just did not find “THE” photo I wanted to put on a card. Instead, I went with one of the pre-printed cards I could have personalized. With the Wishing Cheer Bottle Top Holiday Non-Photo Cards, I was able to personalize these completely unique and adorable cards. With the round design, I knew they would be a card people would remember and talk about. With their top notch paper stock, rich inks, and crisp printing methods, I could not be happier with the result and I know these cards will go down in my favorite of all time category! I also was confident that if for any reason I was not happy (but how could I not be?!) with their 100% satisfaction guarantee, I was covered! Be sure to order your Minted cards now because the holidays will be here before you know it! You can follow Minted on Twitter and Pinterest to stay current with their latest designs, deals and news.

What is your favorite Minted holiday card design?