Bathing Suits To Flatter Your Figure

OK ladies, I hate to break it to you, but it is that time of year again. It is time to buy the one piece of apparel women fear the most when the weather gets warm; bathing suits! I think it does not matter how big, small, tall, short, thin or heavy we are, when it comes to trying on swimsuits, most of us hate it. After doing some research on the subject, I found many women may not like they way they look in their swimsuit because they are not wearing the right style for their body type. We have 4 main body types and depending on which one you are, different style bathing suits can look radically different on each. If you choose a cute bathing suit in a style which is not flattering for your body type, it is not going to look good on you nor will you feel good wearing it.

Cute bathing suit styles that flatter your figure

Cute Bathing Suit Styles That Flatter Your Figure

  • Apple: If you are an apple, you carry most of your weight around your middle. If this is you, the best bathing suit for you is a suit to give you a waistline. If you want a one piece, look for one with a wrap style or for a 2 piece, look for a high waist bottom and a well fitted top. Another style, which is what I decided on when I chose Caitlin’s bathing suit from Hapari, was a colorful print tankini with a solid bottom.
  • Pear: If you have a pear shape, you have a larger bottom and hips with a smaller waist and chest. The best style for you would be a skirted bottom and a cute top with some padding. You can also wear a cute one piece and accent with a large sheer print scarf to tie in a sarong style to cover your bottom.
  • Hourglass: If you have this curvy body type which is reminiscent of a 40’s pin up girl, you can wear several styles. A bold print with a one piece cross over style or with rouching on the front, is perfect for you. You can also do well with a tankini if you happen to have a bit of a belly you prefer not to show. You can also rock the retro pin up style with the high waist and bra style top.
  • Boyish: If you have a small bust, little waist definition and slim hips, you would look great in a one shoulder, one piece, a sport style tankini or a horizontal stripe pattern. If you want a 2 piece, stick with a bandeau style top which takes the focus away from your small chest.

Hapari Suit

When it comes to anything you wear, the rule of thumb is when you feel good, you look good. When you feel beautiful, you project an air of confidence that others can see and feel in you. I was able to witness this phenomenon with Caitlin when we were searching for a bathing suit. I had already fallen in love with the bathing suits from Hapari when I wrote my review, “The Prettiest Bathing Suits For Women With Curves.” I forgot how much a girl’s body can change in a year and go from being a girl to a young woman! Caitlin has felt self conscience about her figure as she has a bit of a tummy and the boobie fairy was pretty generous with her. I was not sure I would even be able to get her to try on a bathing suit, let alone wear one in public. I went ahead and ordered the suit I felt would look best on her and hoped for the best.

I chose the Carnival Classic Bandeau Tankini Top, which sells for $59 and the Black Tummy Tuk Swim Bottom, which retails for $30. I also purchased the Tangerine Regular Bikini Bottom which also sells for $30. I wanted Caitlin to have the choice of the more modest and figure flattering Tummy Tuk bottoms now and the regular bikini bottom for later in the summer if she felt more self confident. When choosing the right bathing suit for your body, Hapari has something for everyone!

caitlin in bathing suit

When Caitlin put on her tankini saw how cute it was and how slim it made her look, you could see it written all over her face! She walked out with a huge smile and gave me a big hug and thanked me for choosing “the cutest possible bathing suit in the world!” I love how well made the Hapari suits are, how large their inventory is and how wonderful they hold up when you wash them. As a mom, I love to see my daughter look and feel so beautiful when this is such a stressful time in her life. As a consumer, I appreciate the quality, price, quick shipment and excellent customer service. You can also find suits for plus size and maternity, men’s board and compression shorts and cover ups and tees. Be sure to stay current with Hapari and follow them on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. One USA reader will win $100 Hapari Swimwear GC.

Which body type are you and which bathing suit would you feel most comfortable wearing?


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