Choosing The Right Brush For Your Hair
Have you ever wondered if choosing the right brush for your hair is something you can benefit from?  I have worn the same hairstyle for years that I was able to just wash and let air dry.  Part of the reason I haven’t done any styling on my hair is because I rarely get out, so I got into a bit of a rut.  Now that my back has begun to heal and I can get out in the real world once in a while, I wanted to get a haircut.  My sweet Chelsea took me to a great salon and she had my hair cut for my birthday.  I love my new haircut and after speaking with the hair dresser, she talked to me about which brush I should use to maintain the cut.  Here were some of her suggestions that I thought were very helpful.

Choosing The Right Brush For Your Hair

Bristle: Choosing the bristle is a major decision, so before you decide, you need to know what is available.

  • Boar: For shiny hair, the bristle made from Boar hair is the best choice.  The only drawback with this particular style is that the bristles are soft and unless mixed with a more durable nylon, you may not be able to get the look you want.
  • Nylon:  This is probably the most popular, but may not necessarily be the best for you.  Nylon bristles can be nice and stiff for styling your hair, but are they too stiff?  The rule of thumb is the closer the bristles, the more sturdy the brush and the more control you have over it.
  • Porcupine: This is not actually what the bristles are made of!  This brush is a combination of nylon and boar, which are grouped together to give you one of the best brushes for controlling your hair.

Shape: There are so many shapes for brushes that it can get a bit overwhelming when choosing.

  • Round: This is the most known shape for a brush.  The thing to watch for on this brush is the weight of it.  If you have a brush that is on the heavy side, you can tire out your wrist when styling your hair.
  • Rectangle:  This brush works best for general brushing and styling.  You would use this for brushing your hair into sections for a braid, putting in a few hair clips or a relaxed chignon or bun.
  • Large Square: This brush is perfect for those hairstyles that are sleek and straight.  I have a bob, so this is the brush my hairdresser recommended for my hairstyle.  After using it a few times, I could see the difference between it and a round brush as far as how my hair ended up looking.  Regardless the shape, the one name brand I trust with my hair is John Frieda.  I have used the products from John Frieda and wouldn’t think of using any other brand.

Hair Brush That Is Good For Your Hair

When choosing the right hair brush, you need to be able to find a hair brush that is good for your hair.  Caitlin wanted to buy a purple zebra print brush and I didn’t see the harm in letting her get it.  Once we got home and she took a shower and used her new brush, we knew we had made a mistake.  This brush grabbed at her hair and she couldn’t get it out of her hair.  It was really miserable and we vowed we learned our lesson about making a change in brands.  I recently received 3 fantastic brushes from John Frieda;

  • Paddle Brush Sleek Finish ($12.99), which is great for keeping the frizz down and the shine up.
  • Vent Brush Sleek Finish ($12.99) which is great for a drying your hair quickly while keeping the frizz at a minimum.
  • Nylon Round Brush Volume Curls ($12.99) will help you keep those gorgeous curls last for hours.

I love the Paddle Brush which is perfect for my new sleek bob cut and Caitlin loves the Vent Brush brush for her long shag cut.  Regardless of the style, John Frieda has a huge line of hair care products for any type hair.  You can keep up with latest from John Frieda by liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter.


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