Tips For Choosing The Right Drapes If you have ever had to choose curtains, drapes or window treatments, you know it can be tricky. There is so much more to it than choosing a color or the right size for your window. You do not need an engineering degree but you do need to do some simple math and know a few things about the different options available to you. You need to think about how they will hang, what the top will look like, how full you want them to be and even how much privacy you want to provide. We are currently doing a makeover for Caitlin’s bedroom as a 16th birthday present. One of the things she desperately wanted to do was paint her room and have new drapes. We have had some cheap curtains from the local retail store in her room for a few years and they were just awful. I decided if I was going to have a more mature look in her room, I needed to do some research on the best drapes for her room. Here is what I found: 5 Things To Know When Choosing Drapes pin

5 Things To Know When Choosing Drapes

  1. Measurements: There is more to getting the measurements right then knowing the dimensions of your window. When measuring for your drapes, you should take the width of your window and then double or triple it. This will ensure your curtains or drapes come together in the middle with no gaping and are nice and full.
  2. Function: Curtains and drapes add style to a room. They also serve a purpose or function. You may want to choose a drape with light blocking fabric which will insulate your window and be more energy efficient than blinds. With sheer curtains, you are choosing this look purely for decoration.
  3. Fabric: The fabric you choose will directly impact how your curtains hang and their length. If you choose Silk or taffeta, they have a sheen that works best in formal spaces. These typically hang longer for a more dramatic effect. With cotton or linen, you get a more laid back look and feel and are best when they barely touch the floor.
  4. Hardware: In addition to choosing the perfect fabric for your curtain panel, you need to choose the proper hardware. While a standard curtain with a pocket for the rod look more polished, a tab-top or grommet curtain lend a more casual look.
  5. Professionals: When you are trying to change the look and feel of a room, you may want to leave these decisions to the professionals. One reason to look to a company who makes drapes, curtains and window treatments is because they know what will work best for your needs. They do all the measuring of the window treatment for you and can guide you on the difference between a rod pocket or a pinch pleat. They also have many fabric choices which will enable you to choose the perfect pattern or color for your room. This is not always easy to do when buying “off the rack”. For our needs, we decided to leave all of the decisions to Regal Drapes, the curtain and drapery experts.

after1 Before we turned to the professionals at Regal Drapes, we spent weeks trying to find the right window coverings for Caitlin’s room. I could not find the right color or pattern or style all in one treatment. I was so frustrated, I wanted to scream and I should have gone to Regal Drapes and let them help with giving me tips for choosing the right drapes! When I contacted Viktoria at Regal Drapes, she took away all of my worries and made the process extremely simple. With the easy to use interactive Design Tool, you can design the perfect window covering for your room. First you enter the dimensions, wall and floor colors and other aspects of the room. Next, you select your window style and finally, the fabric and style of the drapes you want. The tool then magically puts everything together and you get a mock-up of what you will see once your window covering is completed. You can also speak to a design expert to help you with the process as well as ask for free fabric samples.

I was astounded at the number of fabric choices available at Regal Drapes. There are over 1,000 colors, patterns and fabric choices, so you are sure to find the perfect combination for your window. It literally took me almost 2 hours to decide on a few fabric options for Caitlin’s window. I sent them over to Viktoria and they did their magic and we had the most gorgeous drapes I could have ever hoped for. The fabric is of the utmost quality, the color is spot on for Caitlin’s room and the lining adds dimension to the drapes and blocks out the light. I love the perfect stitching which is done so perfectly, you do not even see them. You know those drapes you have bought at the store and you can see the stitching a mile away? Not these! They are elegant, regal, mature and absolutely gorgeous and I cannot stop waling into her room and staring at them. You have unique drapery styles to choose from, which include flat panel, tailored pleat, ripple fold and tie top. Each style is fully explained, the features are outlines, you are shown how to measure and install them and they are guaranteed and shipping is fast and free. You can also order roman shades, pillows, and valances and with prices starting at $130, you are sure to find what you need to fit your budget. Be sure to follow Regal Drapes on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus.

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Which room do you need new drapes and which style would you choose?