Christmas Gifts For Your Student

Unique Christmas Gifts For Children

If you know someone who is studious, look for fun yet practical Unique Christmas Gifts For Children in school.  The gift can be for a little one starting school for the first time or a non-traditional student going to college for a career change.  I try to find some cool tech gadgets for the kids each year to help make doing their homework a bit less of a chore.  Henry is very studious and studies well with different methods.  Caitlin on the other hand is all about putting on the headphones and hunkering down to get her work done in her room.  No matter the age or reason, what student doesn’t like to have something unique to bring to school after winter break? I was a bit stumped this year for my school themed gifts, so I went online to check into what was hot this year.  I found some really cool ideas and I thought you may find them useful.

  • Maps:  If you have a child in middle school, this is a great gift that is useful as well as inexpensive.  For less than $10, you can get some great maps or an Atlas to help your student get a boost in their geography class.
  • Books: Each year when the kids have their book fair, I like to get some books from their reading lists for Christmas gifts.  I love this because we are supporting the schools, buying quality books and staying on track with their present reading level.  Another great book to get your student is the “Everything You Needed To Know” series from Kenneth C. Davis.  These books can be found for around $5.00 on Amazon.

Boogie Board

  • Personalized Supplies:  This is a great gift as the supplies from the beginning of the school year have dwindled down and will need replenishing.  Why not put your student’s name on it to make it even more special?  Heck, they won’t get their pencils stolen, right?
  • Tech Gadgets:  There are a few cool gadgets out there for students.  I love the idea of noise cancelling headphones, especially for college students who are sharing a dorm room.  These beauties will let your student study in peace and quiet, even it a party is going on next door.  Another really cool item is the Boogie Board from Brilliant Sky Toys, a great upscale toy store filled with some really cool items.

Electronic Notepad

Electronic Notepad

When I first saw the Boogie Board ($39.99), an electronic notepad from Brilliant Sky Toys, I was very intrigued.  What a great tool for everyone in your family, including that student who can’t keep track of their class schedule, test dates and the hours of the cafeteria!  This paperless drawing tool can be used on the go, in the dorm, in the kitchen or in the car.  You can make lists, draw a map, and jot down a phone number or a special someone’s birthday.  What I love about the Boogie Board is the complete ease of using it.  It is pretty straight forward; take stylus, write note and tuck away.  When you have completed the list, you just hit a button and the board clear.  Don’t worry about accidentally erasing this Boogie Board because unless you hit that button, you cannot lose any information you don’t intend to lose. This has been a great tool for Caitlin to keep in her book bag and write down her homework assignments for the day.  If you have a student on your list, they would love a Boogie Board, which can be purchased online or at various brick and mortar stores listed on the homepage.

One reader will win a Boogie Board ($39.99)

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  1. Love the Knot smile and Cuddle ..always liked craft things for the kids to do making a blanket with sleeves and no sewing sounds like a good one for the younger kids to try.

  2. My daughter would love writing notes for her Daddy on this so he can see it before he leaves for work while we are still sleeping.

  3. I love the baby Stella doll. My friends grand daughter has one, I think it is the most adorable doll ever. My grand daughter would love it

  4. Boogie Board! Already on my list for my husband who suffers with Alzheimers. He loses notepads and this should be large enough to find!

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  6. I like the Snap Circuits Extreme – – Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  7. My boys love puzzles but, we don’t always have time to finish them at one sitting. The Stow and Go Puzzle Mat would be perfect for those occasions. With my luck, each of them would probably want one of their own!

  8. i actually think both of my boys and myself like the “Large Standing Easel” thats in the 2012 Holliday Gift Guide…

  9. I LOVE educational toys THE BEST. Why get anything else, for the most part? The kids here play dress-up and invent stories and act them out all the time- but I do not have the police nor firefighter outfits! I want those!!!!

  10. The kids loved the electronic notepad idea, but were very intrigued with the rock tumbler that was listed on their website as well.

  11. My favourite product is the electronic notepad, I spend a lot of (wasted) time looking for notes I have written on little scraps of paper!!

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